The first Married at First Sight wedding did happen

The first Married at First Sight wedding did happen

Married at First Sight fans were left clinging to hope and the edge of their sofa cushions after the Season 10 premiere last week. Bride, Katie Conrad was still in a quandary just minutes before walking down the aisle to meet her groom, Derek Sherman. During the Married at First Sight: Unfiltered pre-show on January 8th, the 25-year-old pediatric therapist tried to describe her torn feelings when an ex “accidental” boyfriend who never wanted to commit suddenly proclaimed his love. He asked her to withdraw from the arranged marriage experiment.

It’s too bad that Katie didn’t get counseling from the expert, Pastor Cal Roberson, right from the start. He wasn’t having any of the nonsense from the ex-beau. Roberson put the kibosh on any hit of sincerity from the former flame, insisting that he was just a “troll.” Especially now that Katie Conrad was committed to the show. Jamie Otis was more sympathetic because she had her own experience of a past love that was trying to come back into the picture for her wedding. Nevertheless, she encouraged Katie to realize that this process of engagement can work best.

The first Married at First Sight wedding did happen

Katie Conrad was joined by Mindy Shiben, her Married at First Sight sister in the leap for forever love. Mindy was very confident and forthright when it came to the tools and toys she preferred in the bedroom, but even the confident bride said that she “couldn’t imagine going through this,” referring to Katie’s situation, during such an already emotional experience.

The anxiety was overtaking Katie Conrad in the opening minutes of “Here Comes the Stranger.” “I’m gonna run!” she told her equally-anxious dad. However, at the last second, Katie Conrad decided her chance for real involvement was worth the risk. She walked down the aisle to Derek, and immediately millions of viewers saw their faces, and many of the worries disappeared. Theirs was only the first of three weddings, leaving the nation’s capital Season 10.

Joy replaces jolts for ‘Married at First Sight’ matches

Even before Katie Conrad reached the altar, she and Derek were both beaming, and it wasn’t contrived for the cameras. Relief and joy washed over the tension, and more than the sincere words, the most moving thing about Derek’s vows was that he spoke them straight into the eyes of his new bride.

“We’re not strangers anymore,” Katie Conrad said after the introductions from family and friends, which included disclosure of her diabetes and Derek’s future as a pet parent to her dog, Jax. Of her vows was “be careful with your heart.” At just 25 and 26, this couple will have to learn how to love and how to marry – two different things – but they seem to be making a willing start.

The pair were very natural dancing, and frequently kissing, they didn’t need much prompting. “I’m glad you’re leading,” the smiling bride told her groom. Katie Conrad reminded her husband of her diabetes again, and he didn’t seem discouraged. He described that he was ready to learn about Katie’s condition, and it was already conditioned that he was a “daddy” to the dog. The bride and groom already had cautious plans to visit Thailand over dinner. The next couple did not have such a natural bond.

Married at First Sight: Another couple tied the knot

Taylor Dunklin’s mom couldn’t have made the nerves on the wedding day any better when she commented that her daughter’s beautiful dress was “too big.” Taylor rolled along and said she wanted plenty of room to eat and dance. Her groom, Brandon Reid, took the edge off by interfering in liquid courage with his crew.

Neither Taylor nor Brandon seemed to have extreme reservations about walking down the aisle. Taylor described her desire to “hold hands while I walk the dog.” Her dog, Tyson, was included in the description of her family. They admitted her devotion to her pet and said it would prepare her to be a great mother. She turned to her guests and asked, “He’s good, right?” Taylor’s mother and aunt seemed happy with Taylor’s match, and on the surface this couple couldn’t be more beautiful. The question will be whether both can go beyond the physical or the resume, and see something dignified from the inside.

Married at First Sight: The marriage reception

During their first toast being married, Taylor and Brandon were nervous and “awkward,” as Brandon put it. They discussed their careers, and discovered something in common, with him a beer brand ambassador, and she a hostess for a bourbon company. The groom didn’t go over his bride. He was more ready to grub up at the reception. However, he had enough confidence to explain his teardrop tattoo. He thought about losing his brother to gang violence when he was 8, and Taylor appreciated his vulnerability. Taylor wasn’t that vulnerable to kissing Brandon. He snuck one early at the ceremony, next to the closing kiss, but Taylor wiped his affection in front of the camera.

There was not much to appreciate when it came to Brandon’s dancing skills, though. Taylor was still ready to sway, dip, twirl, and stick to two steps. She told her husband that she never asked the Married at First Sight experts to find her a good dancer. A partner came through… Brandon’s grandmother. The grandmother went to the hardwood and asked for “something up-tempo” from the band. It was nice to see that she supported the couple so much, despite the fact that she disapproved of the process.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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