The View: Meghan McCain clears the air about Abby Huntsman

The View Meghan McCain clears the air about Abby Huntsman

Meghan McCain is in the middle of a drama in The View. The conservative co-star has been plagued by rumors of animosity between her and the rest of the cast. After the news, Abby Huntsman announced that she would leave the morning show, intensifying the rumors. People believed that Meghan McCain was angry with Abby Huntsman for resigning because she was the one who was leaving.

During her appearance as a guest on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked her if she was thinking about leaving the ABC gabfest.

“No,” he said. “First of all, if I wanted to resign, there would be no crypticism. I’d say, “I’m out.” There wouldn’t be a long, drawn-out thing.”

Later in the interview, he said he would leave The View if Whoopi Goldberg left.

” Whoopi Goldberg is the host of the show and my life there,” Meghan McCain continued. He always picks us up when we’re down.” If she jumps, I jump.” Whoopi Goldberg is… I love her and I need her as a moderator.”

Meghan McCain clears the air about Abby Huntsman

With all the rumors about Abby Huntsman leaving the show, one constant pointed to a feud between her and Meghan McCain. The Republican pundit confessed on WWHL that there was a fight between them.

“We got into a fight, which is a very small fight and a fight between friends,” Meghan McCain confirmed. “All friendships have ups and downs and it was bizarre to me to have the fact that we got into a fight to be dissected by the media.”

However and despite their struggle, Meghan McCain remains friends with Abby Huntsman.

“Abby and I have been friends for over 10 years. Our parents were friends in politics, we worked together at Fox, and part of the reason she came to The View is because we were friends. We’re still very good friends. We’re very close and I spoke to her just yesterday morning,” Meghan McCain explained.

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar

Another co-host that Meghan McCain constantly disagrees with is Joy Behar. The two political experts are constantly fighting. Even though they may not seem to have a relationship outside of work, that’s not true, and McCain doesn’t like the negative stories around them.

“It really hurts me.” Meghan McCain told ET about the rumors of feud with Behar. “It really hurts me because our dressing rooms are close to each other and you and I have the same emotional reaction to things – sometimes in different ways – but we’re both upset in the same way, the same amount of the same things. And I would like people to give us a break, for real”.

Their friendship has evolved and they like being together. Meghan McCain has even influenced Behar on some issues that he previously disagreed with her.

“We’re both becoming a little more… not moderate, but we’ve both become a little… As if we weren’t so adamant about our positions,” Behar said in the same interview. “Like today, I was talking about how, you know, I think a moderate has to win the election to beat [President Donald] Trump. At first, I’d say I wanted Elizabeth Warren because it was new and exciting stuff. But I’m not sure she could do it. So, now I’m back in reality and I think she’s changed her positions a little bit, moderate them, change them”.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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