Why Jason Oppenheim Regretted Filming ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 7

Why Jason Oppenheim Regretted Filming 'Selling Sunset' Season 7

Selling Sunset, the hit Netflix reality show, has captivated audiences with its mix of high-end real estate and interpersonal drama. However, the show’s recent seasons have seen a shift from showcasing luxury properties to focusing more on the personal lives of its stars, particularly Jason Oppenheim. Season seven has been especially tumultuous for Oppenheim, who found himself uncomfortably embroiled in the show’s drama.

Initially known for its portrayal of the lavish homes sold by The Oppenheim Group, Selling Sunset’s narrative took a dramatic turn when Jason Oppenheim began dating co-star Chrishell Stause in 2021. Their relationship, though short-lived, added a new layer of complexity to the show, culminating in a particularly challenging season seven for Oppenheim.

The Feud That Shook The Oppenheim Group

A significant source of tension in season seven was the feud between Chrishell Stause and newcomer Nicole Young. Young, who joined the show in later seasons, accused Stause of taking undue credit for several property listings, sparking a bitter rivalry. This conflict inevitably drew in Jason Oppenheim, who has openly expressed his disdain for workplace drama.

In an interview with People, Oppenheim shared how managing the discord between Stause and Young was “awkward and difficult,” especially given his personal connections to both parties. As the broker of 75 agents and a central figure in two reality shows, Oppenheim is no stranger to drama, but the situation with Stause and Young proved particularly challenging.

Awkward Encounters and Relationship Strains

Beyond the professional conflicts, Oppenheim’s personal life also contributed to the season’s tension. The presence of his current girlfriend, Mary-Lou Nurk, alongside his ex-girlfriend, Chrishell Stause, led to several awkward moments. Their relationship came under strain during a lunch scene where Nurk and Stause’s disagreement was laid bare, with Oppenheim caught in the middle.

This friction was not just for the cameras, as Oppenheim admitted to the Daily Mail how uncomfortable he felt during these encounters. The ongoing tension between Stause and Nurk, coupled with the remnants of his past relationship with Stause, created a complex dynamic that was difficult for Oppenheim to navigate.

The End of a Chapter: Oppenheim and Nurk’s Split

After ten months together, Jason Oppenheim and Mary-Lou Nurk announced their breakup, citing long-distance challenges. Their relationship began with a chance meeting in Greece, but Nurk’s career as a European model meant she would eventually return to Europe, putting a strain on their relationship.

While the couple maintained that distance was the primary reason for their split, the tensions showcased in Selling Sunset season seven likely didn’t help in building a strong foundation. Oppenheim’s comments post-breakup indicate a desire to step back from the dating scene, focusing instead on his personal happiness and well-being.

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