How Does Chrishell Stause Make Her Millions? Uncovering the Selling Sunset Star’s Skyrocketing Earnings!

How Does Chrishell Stause Make Her Millions? Uncovering the Selling Sunset Star’s Skyrocketing Earnings!

With the unveiling of Selling Sunset’s much-anticipated Season 6 on Netflix, the glittering LA real estate market is back to enthrall viewers. Among the star-studded realtor cast, Chrishell Stause shines bright not only with her real estate acumen but a multi-pronged career that rakes in the dollars. Let’s delve into the manifold ways Chrishell augments her net worth.

Selling Sunset’s Cash Cascade

It’s no secret that a hefty chunk of Chrishell Stause’s earnings emanates from her Selling Sunset stints. Although the exact figures remain under wraps, it’s evident that the reality show’s success has yielded a lucrative payout for the star.

The commission culture at the Oppenheim Group, where Chrishell showcases her realty prowess, is quite generous. Agents here can bag around 75 percent of the total commission on a sale, with the remaining quarter funneling to the broker. However, the exact split can vary based on an agent’s experience and rapport with the brokerage, as expounded by fellow cast member Davina Perez.

In 2020, Chrishell’s real estate escapades translated to about $15 million in home sales, pocketing around $400,000 in commissions. Not to forget, her headline-grabbing $10 million home sale in Season 5, which alone garnered her a cool $300,000, post the broker’s cut. These figures underscore Chrishell’s adeptness in clinching high-value deals that significantly pad her bank account.

Selling Sunset: Chrishell Stause’s Acting Odyssey

Before her real estate rendezvous, Chrishell was wooing audiences on popular soap operas like Days of Our Lives, All My Children, and The Young and The Restless. Her acting journey, which commenced in 2005, saw her featuring in over 500 episodes of All My Children alone.

Although earnings for soap opera neophytes hover around $500 per episode, Chrishell, given her recurrent appearances and the popularity of the soaps she starred in, likely commanded a higher paycheck of around $3000 per episode. And with these episodes still gracing the screens, the residual income continues to trickle in, augmenting her financial portfolio.

Selling Sunset: Chrishell Stause’s Diversified Earnings

Chrishell Stause’s Instagram profile, flaunting tags like actor, author, and host, mirrors her multifaceted career. Besides realty and acting, she’s authored books, made appearances on other TV shows, and leveraged social media for additional income. This diversified income strategy not only cushions her financially but also cements her status in the entertainment and business realms.

The allure of Chrishell’s earnings saga is not just in the figures, but the sheer diversity of income streams she’s managed to harness. With Selling Sunset Season 7 slated for a Netflix release from November 3, fans and finance aficionados alike will be keen to see how Chrishell continues to meld realty riches with her assorted career ventures.

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