Selling Sunset Season 7: Emma Hernan’s Jet Set Lifestyle and Angel Investing Endeavors

Selling Sunset Season 7: Emma Hernan's Jet Set Lifestyle and Angel Investing Endeavors

Netflix’s recent drop of ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 7 has sent ripples through the reality TV landscape, with viewers being particularly entranced by the unfolding drama among the high-profile cast. One storyline that has caught the audience’s attention revolves around Emma Hernan’s association with private jet travel to Cabo and her budding status as an angel investor.

Selling Sunset: The Jet Set Conundrum

In a spicy turn of events, Nicole Young was initially invited by Brett Oppenheim to join the crew on a private jet voyage to Cabo, only to be later uninvited by Emma Hernan and Chrishell Stause. This led to a whirlwind of speculations among fans regarding Emma’s ownership of the private jet.

Various social media and Reddit users chimed in with their theories. While one Reddit user suggested Emma might be a part of a private jet program offering charter services at reduced rates, another countered by referencing Brett’s statement about arranging the jet. A third user introduced a company called ‘Wheels Up,’ hinting at a reasonable charter service Emma might be utilizing.

The discussion took an interesting turn when a critic pointed out Emma’s mention of frequent private jet travel in one of the episodes, sparking speculation whether she owned a jet or simply chartered them. The conjectures further fueled when another user noted Emma securing the jet, juxtaposing it with Nicole’s dig at Emma as a ‘social climber’.

Selling Sunset: Entrepreneurial and Investment Forays

Away from the high-flying drama, Emma Hernan is a budding entrepreneur and angel investor. She owns a food company, Emma Leigh & Co, stemming from her profound love for cooking inherited from her family. The company isn’t just about empanadas as the ‘Selling Sunset’ narrative might hint, but a comprehensive food manufacturing entity. Emma proudly revealed her sole ownership and the establishment of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on the East Coast during a chat with Bustle.

Emma’s entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop at food. She’s been venturing into the realms of angel investing, channeling funds into various promising startups. Some of her notable investments include Nanotech, a firm at the forefront of developing revolutionary batteries, Wheels, a bike company, and a pioneering CBD company, Green Gorilla.

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