Selling Sunset: What To Expect From Season 5

Selling Sunset: What To Expect From Season 5

If you haven’t heard that Season 5 of Selling Sunset is coming, you’ve probably been living under a rock.

As we all know, the final episodes of Selling Sunset will hit our screens on April 22. The wait is almost over and viewers can’t wait to see the latest drama of the entire Oppenheim group and what has happened since we last saw the cast.

Fans of the Netflix show are wondering one thing. When will it be available to watch?

That answer is crucial for Selling Sunset viewers, because they need to know whether they have to stay up late to watch it, or stay in bed and set that early alarm. The release date for season five in the UK and US is as follows:

So if you’re in the US, you can enjoy the final season late at night. However, if you’re in the UK, we recommend setting an alarm if you’re not ready for a night out.

Selling Sunset: What To Expect From Season 5

The trailer for the new season seems to be missing nothing dramatic, much of which seems to involve Christine (some things never change!). With new employee Chelsea Lazkan joining the brokerage, Mary tells Jason that someone has to leave if she’s going to give him a desk. We don’t yet know who will leave, but Mary also tells Christine in the trailer that “if you want to be part of the brokerage, you need to stop disrespecting the other agents.”.

We also finally get to see the inner workings of the relationship between Chrishell and Jason in the series. The actors’ opinions differ, as Mary says that she “love it if Chrishell and Jason got married”. However, Christine isn’t so sure, as she explained in the trailer that she hasn’t received any listings since the couple got together.

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