Chrishell Stause’s Health Scare and Unconventional Marriage Unveiled in Selling Sunset Season 7

Chrishell Stause’s Health Scare and Unconventional Marriage Unveiled in Selling Sunset Season 7

Chrishell Stause has always managed to keep her head up high, regardless of the ups and downs life throws at her. However, the newest season of ‘Selling Sunset’ which premiered on November 3, revealed a vulnerable side of the reality TV star as she shared an emotional health update with co-star Emma Hernan.

During a heart-to-heart, Chrishell disclosed that she was diagnosed with a large ovarian cyst that necessitated immediate surgery to prevent severe complications which could risk her entire uterus. The cyst, described as the size of a grapefruit, had been causing her unbearable cramps since early 2023. Chrishell’s fear escalated one morning when she found some unusual discharge, prompting an urgent call to her doctor.

The situation worsened as Chrishell admitted to feeling increasingly irritable, snapping at people around her due to the hormonal imbalance caused by the ovarian cyst. She broke down in tears, expressing the immense pressure and self-expectation she carries, making situations like these harder to cope with. Emma, providing a shoulder to lean on, consoled Chrishell, showcasing the strong bond between the co-stars.

In February 2023, Chrishell Stause underwent a successful surgery to have the cyst removed. She shared a snapshot from the hospital on February 9, expressing gratitude towards her doctor for the professional care she received. The surgery led Chrishell to take a brief hiatus from work to ensure a smooth recovery.

Selling Sunset: Chrishell Stause’s Unconventional Marriage to G Flip

The emotional rollercoaster did not end at her health scare. Season 7 of ‘Selling Sunset’ also shed light on Chrishell’s quirky marital status with Australian singer G Flip. Despite having a whimsical ceremony in Las Vegas officiated by an Elvis impersonator, the couple has not legalized their union.

Chrishell and G Flip’s choice to forgo the formal paperwork embodies their free-spirited love and the significance they place on personal commitment over legal validation. Chrishell cheerfully shared the couple’s decision to keep their marital status informal, while hinting at a promising and exciting future together.

The latest season of ‘Selling Sunset’ not only serves as a window into the luxurious world of high-end real estate but also dives deeper into the personal lives and emotional journeys of its stars. Chrishell Stause’s candid revelations this season, both about her health and her unconventional marriage, add a layer of relatability and humanity to the glamorous facade of ‘Selling Sunset’.

Catch all the heartfelt, dramatic moments in ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 7, now streaming on Netflix, and stay tuned to The World News Daily for the latest updates on your favorite reality TV stars.

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