Selling Sunset Season 7: Will Commission Wars and Unlikely Allies Redefine Realtor Royalty?

Selling Sunset Season 7: Will Commission Wars and Unlikely Allies Redefine Realtor Royalty?

Engage in the captivating narrative of Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 7, where the LA real estate market is as heated as ever. The Oppenheim Group, known for its luxurious listings and high-profile clientele, witnesses a storm brewing within as new and seasoned agents confront the harsh realities of the competitive real estate scene.

Selling Sunset: Bre Tiesi’s Bold Move

‘Selling Sunset’ star Bre Tiesi made her grand entrance in Season 6, showcasing big listings and a go-getter attitude. Aiming high, Bre met with Jason Oppenheim to negotiate a better commission split in light of her exceptional work. Accustomed to a 90/10 commission split from her past brokerage, the change to Oppenheim’s standard split was a tough pill to swallow. Despite her plea, Jason stood firm on the group’s non-negotiable commission policy, highlighting the additional services and camaraderie at Oppenheim as its distinguishing merit.

The finale of Season 7 saw Bre at a crossroad, considering her exit from the Oppenheim Group. Further fueling her contemplation was an alleged sabotage attempt by Chelsea Lazkani, stirring the pot in the office dynamics. Amidst the professional clash, a personal feud also boiled over at the Oppenheim Group’s LA office opening party, displaying the fragile relationships among the agents.

Selling Sunset: New Faces, New Drama

As the drama ensued, a new face emerged on the scene—Cassandra Repstad, introduced as a real estate newbie with a known connection to Bre, or so it seemed. Contrary to Cassandra’s claim, Bre had a different tale, adding a layer of mystery to their acquaintance.

Chelsea, seemingly playing the mediator, introduced Cassandra to Jason, hinting at a potential new hire. However, the ambiguity around Cassandra’s position at Oppenheim Group leaves fans speculating on the evolving dynamics of the LA real estate maven.

Amidst the fiery exchanges and uncertain alliances, Jason Oppenheim’s stance remains a focal point. While he maintains a good rapport with Bre, his refusal to comment on her potential departure keeps the audience on tenterhooks. His reaction to the explosive feud at his milestone event, between Bre and Chelsea, also underpins the high-stakes environment at Oppenheim Group, where reputation and relationships are constantly on the line.

‘Selling Sunset’ Season 7 unfolds the intricate blend of professional rivalries and personal vendettas, with a side of real estate allure. As the agents navigate through the turbulent waters, the LA real estate scene is set for a rollercoaster of events. Tune into Netflix now to catch all the drama in ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 7, and mark your calendar for the reunion special on November 15 at 9 pm ET.

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