Amanza Smith Bares Her Soul on ‘Selling Sunset

Amanza Smith Bares Her Soul on 'Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset‘ has always been a cocktail of luxury real estate and personal dramas, but on Season 7 Episode 5, it took a deeply emotional turn. Amanza Smith, one of the show’s stars, opened up about her traumatic past to her co-star Chelsea Lazkani. This raw confession not only shed light on Amanza’s personal life but also resonated with viewers facing their own adversities.

Selling Sunset: A Glimpse into Amanza’s Harrowing Childhood

Amanza Smith painted a bleak picture of her early years, sharing, “I was raised by my mom and my stepdad. I’m half-Black. So my mom was White, and I was the only Black one. My stepdad and my stepdad’s father are pedophiles… I was molested by my step grandfather and my stepdad. Simultaneously in my house, my mom was very mentally abusive.”

She further described how her home, which should have been her safe haven, was a place of fear and torment. However, amidst the horrors, she found a way to foster resilience. “The people who were supposed to be protecting me didn’t,” she said, adding that, “I want people to know if you struggle with anything along the way — if you’re depressed, if you’re anxious, if you’re even suicidal — don’t give up.”

Selling Sunset: A Quest for Ancestral Connection

One of the missing puzzles in Amanza’s life was her biological father, who wasn’t present during her childhood. This absence also distanced her from connecting with her Black ancestral heritage. However, as an adult, she managed to bridge this gap by rekindling a relationship with her father, whom she affectionately calls Papa Sly. This reconnection was a step towards healing and embracing a part of her identity that was absent during her formative years.

The storyline transitions smoothly as Amanza is now a mother to two beautiful children, Noah, 13, and Braker, 12, from her previous marriage to former NFL player, Ralph Brown. Despite the divorce in 2012, and initial joint custody, Amanza later secured sole custody of her children, ensuring they have a nurturing and safe environment.

Amanza’s narrative is not just a heart-wrenching revelation but also an inspirational tale of overcoming adversities and championing one’s own life. Her candidness in sharing her story on a global platform like ‘Selling Sunset’ is bound to strike a chord with many, illustrating that no matter the past, one can steer the course of their life towards a hopeful future.

Catch all the emotional roller-coasters on ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 7, now streaming on Netflix from November 3. For the latest updates on ‘Selling Sunset’ and more, stay tuned to The World News Daily.

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