Selling Sunset: Davina Potratz $75 Million Listing: What Actually Happened?

Selling Sunset: Davina Potratz $75 Million Listing: What Actually Happened?

Selling Sunset’s real estate agents share a common goal – closing deals on million-dollar homes, estates and properties. Obviously, there is a lot of awkward drama going on between the actors when their real estate commitments are not top of mind. When in the offices of the Oppenheim Group, gossip is inevitable. Regardless of the quarrels and squabbles that have taken place between the real estate agents of Selling Sunset so far, the overriding topic of conversation is who can sell the most expensive homes. This is the most expensive house sold on the show so far.

Selling Sunset: Davina Potratz $75 Million Listing: What Actually Happened?

Between seasons 1 and 4 of “Selling Sunset”, a lot of gorgeous mansions have been sold, but Jason Oppenheim’s $40 million offer is the best. It’s the most expensive house that anyone from the Oppenheim Group has ever managed to sell. Season 1 of the show gave an insight into the entire 20,000 square metre house, and season 2 revealed that the house had been completely renovated and updated inside. Season 3 finally revealed that Jason was able to find the perfect buyers for the house. A lot of people assumed that the buyer would be a celebrity. These assumptions are wrong.

Variety soon interviewed the couple who bought the house for $35.5 million, revealing their identities. It turns out that Tom and Lisa Bilyeu are the ones who moved into the extravagant mansion with their Quest Nutrition fortune. They are the co-founders of this health food company, which became popular selling protein bars and protein powders.

The luxurious Hollywood Hills home is perfect for them with its expansive ceilings, intricate details, glass elevator, cinema, wrap-around pool, indoor waterfall, walk-in wine closet and many other features. A view of the mansion from above easily reveals why the home deserved to sell for such a hefty price.

When Davina Potratz brought Oppenheim Group’s Jason the news of her $75 million listing, he was against the idea. She thought listing a home at such a high price would be embarrassing for the company. This single issue caused a lot of drama between Davina and Jason, as Davina Potratz wanted him to support her, but he couldn’t handle the idea. She struggled to sell her immaculate home and in the end, she could never find buyers willing to shell out $75 million for the Beverly Hills property. As of today, it’s still on the market.

Written by Evelyn Foster

Evelyn Foster is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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