Selling Sunset: Did Davina Potratz Sell The $74 Million House?

Selling Sunset: Did Davina Potratz Sell The $74 Million House?

Conspicuously absent from the Oppenheim Group on Selling Sunset season 4, Davina Potratz expressed her displeasure with Netflix after the streaming service posted about her on its Twitter page. Davina is one of the series’ most notorious agents and has been unpleasant from the start.

Mixing herself into unnecessary drama and adding venom to the Oppenheim Group, her colleagues and fans of the series have unanimously agreed that Davina is unhealthy for the office. While Christine has been a problematic addition to the series, Davina has ultimately garnered the most hatred among fans.

Since leaving the Oppenheim Group, Davina Potratz has left her Selling Sunset co-workers, choosing to pursue real estate away from the Netflix series. Without her controversial presence on the show, Selling Sunset has become a little less edgy and a lot calmer, despite a number of other squabbles in the office. By continuing to work as an agent, Davina has control over his career, no longer constrained by Jason and Brett Oppenheim and his negative reputation on the show.

Selling Sunset: Did Davina Potratz Sell The $74 Million House?

The post, published by Netflix, was shared by the service on Twitter, calling Davina’s failed listing “Selling Sunset Season 3“. As one of the breaking points between Davina and the Oppenheim Group, Davina Potratz reacted negatively to the jab made by Netflix.

Netflix posted a humorous yet cruel post about Davina due to her absence, stating, “No, Davina Potratz has still not sold that 75 million dollar house.” Already ending negatively with Jason and Brett, Davina expressed outrage at the post, adding a retort: “Thanks for the support #classy”. Obviously hurt by the unwelcome comment made on behalf of Netflix, Davina held back her anger but made her outrage clear.

Despite not being part of the Oppenheim Group, Davina Potratz continues to be involved in the drama surrounding Selling Sunset. Somewhat bullied online by Netflix, Davina seems to have reacted sensibly, showing great restraint in her dealings with Netflix on Twitter.

Although Davina Potratz believes she is a victim herself, who is being targeted by Netflix, fans continued to react negatively towards the reality star, focusing on her past missteps on the show. With no greater sympathy from fans or the streaming service, Davina continues to add to her negative legacy on Selling Sunset, attempting unsuccessfully to win yet another argument. With a somewhat flippant approach, Davina plays off her wounds with humor, clapping back at Netflix while maintaining her dignity.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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