Will Darcey & Stacey Be Cancelled After Season 3?

Will Darcey & Stacey Be Cancelled After Season 3?

Darcey & Stacey is one of the most popular spinoffs of 90 Day Fiance. Starring Darcey Silva and her twin sister Stacey Silva, the two have navigated love and business. It was mostly the trials and tribulations of love with a little plastic surgery mixed in. However, it has become a guilty pleasure trainwreck that fans can’t look away from. Now, many are wondering if a fourth season is on the horizon.

Just as the credits seemed to roll on Season 2, it was confirmed that the show has been renewed for another year. Viewers would only have to wait a few months to see the twins back on their televisions, which was extremely exciting. Season 2 had ended with Darcey & Stacey returning from Turkey after their full body makeover.

Darcey Silva had called off her engagement to Georgi Rusev and was determined to live a single life. So everyone was ready to see what the next chapter would hold. Indeed, the cup runneth over. Darcey Silva met with Georgi Rusev again to officially end it all, but she eventually got him back against everyone’s wishes.

At the same time, the girls were headed to Miami for fashion week and the launch of their men’s swimwear line. It was big business for their brand, which they hoped to make global. Stacey tried to convince her husband, Florian, to move to Miami, but he only agreed to have a big wedding down there.

By the end of the trip, Georgi Rusev had wooed everyone so much that he was able to propose again to Darcey Silva. She said yes and a twin wedding was now on the radar, but their father, Mike, was adamantly against it. He felt that neither she nor Georgi were ready for that commitment. This proved true in the two-part narrative when it all came crashing down.

Will Darcey & Stacey Be Cancelled After Season 3?

When the story concluded, Darcey Silva revealed that she and Georgi had broken up. It was clear from his family and friends that she was the primary janitor and did everything for him.

She even bought his $10,000 engagement ring. His anger was too strong and she realized that he deserved better by declaring that this was the last time. So, fans are wondering what this means for a fourth season of Darcey & Stacey. Last time, it was renewed very quickly but now, there is no word either way.

As of now, there is no reason for the show to not return or be renewed by TLC. The twins recently moved into a new home thanks to their father. Also, Darcey Silva’s oldest daughter, Aniko, is getting ready for college and that will mean a lot of life changes for her.

Fans will no doubt want to see her through it all. She and her sister have also been spending a lot of time in Miami, so they might be cooking up something fun and exciting. Stay with TV Shows Ace for all the updates as they come in.

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