1000-lb Sisters: Fans Look Forward To The Return Of The Show

1000-lb Sisters: Fans Look Forward To The Return Of The Show

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers revealed that Season 3 seems to bring back Tammy Slaton with no weight loss. Meanwhile, she and her sister Amy Slaton get into a lot of trouble.

Recall that Amy welcomed her son Gage in season 2 and now he’s the center of her attention. This weekend, Amy shared a couple of photos of Gage looking like a very cute cowboy. Many fans especially liked one of them.

Early teasers for the TLC show showed fans seeing something of Tammy recovering from a coronavirus. Mind you, on Instagram, it appears she’s still using her oxygen tube. Fans also see the family going on vacation and Tammy Slaton did a lot of drama and showed her bad temper.

Really, she seems frustrated and angry at the whole world. In fact, she still blames her sister for not being able to control her weight.

In the new season of 1000-Lb Sisters, fans will see that Amy Slaton seems to be struggling with her demanding and aggressive sister. Unfortunately, Tammy Slaton still needs a lot of help. Amy Slaton and her husband took their son Gage and moved. However, she still reaches out to Tammy. But as far as Amy is concerned, Gage comes first. This weekend, Amy shared a photo that had fans in raptures.

Fans look forward to the return of the show. Hopefully they will get to see a lot more of Amy’s adorable son Gage. The show premieres Monday, November 15 at 22.00 ET/PT.

Written by Evelyn Foster


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