1000-lb Sisters: Fans Love Nurse Tisa

1000-Lb. Sisters: Fans Love Nurse Tisa

Tammy Slaton isn’t the most popular among fans of the 1000-lb Sisters, but her new sister Tisa is fast becoming one of the most beloved stars of the Slaton family series. At first, viewers weren’t sure that Tisa could handle the demanding job of caring for Tammy Slaton, but a couple’s recent altercation has fans convinced of Tisa’s ability. From forcing Tammy to work out to her tough love tactics, here’s why audiences of the 1000-lb Sisters have decided that Tisa is the new fan favorite.

The road to hiring a live-in nurse for Tammy Slaton has not been an easy one for the Slaton family to travel. During seasons 1 and 2 of 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy was cared for by her siblings, Amy and Chris. In season 3, however, Tammy’s brother and sister were unable to commit to the reality star’s difficult routine.

Initially, Amy Slaton devoted most of her time to caring for her older sister, but since Amy Slaton underwent bariatric surgery and gave birth to her son, Gage, the entertainer can no longer prioritize caring for Tammy Slaton. Unfortunately, caring for Tammy hasn’t got any easier during her reality TV career. Tammy has only continued to gain weight and has developed a couple of serious illnesses, such as COVID, that make caring for her difficult.

Before Tisa’s introduction, viewers of 1000-lb Sisters regularly expressed their affection for Chris Combs as the voice of reason who refused to put up with Tammy’s rants. In season three, however, fans were disappointed in Chris because he took Tammy out of rehab before doctors advised the reality star to leave. After her falling out with Tammy, Slaton family followers believe Tisa is the steady hand Tammy needs.

Tammy and Amy know full well that it’s not easy to please the 1000-lb Sisters’ fanbase, but Tisa has won over the Slaton sisters’ fans in just a few episodes.

Viewers praise Tisa for being strict with Tammy and giving the reality star a taste of her own medicine. Fans can only hope that Slaton’s family will see the value in Tisa and keep her with the 1000-lb Sisters.

Written by Lauren Rottman

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