1000-lb Sisters: Tisa Begs Tammy To Get Up And Walk

1000-lb Sisters: Tisa Begs Tammy To Get Up And Walk

New preview of 1000-lb Sisters has been released on YouTube by TLC, featuring Tammy Slaton refusing to train with sister Tisa. Sister Tisa explains to the camera that she’s on a mission to get TLC’s personality out of a wheelchair.

The goal is to get Tammy Slaton up and walking to the mailbox. Unfortunately, Tammy dismisses the idea as “crazy”. The confrontation ends with Tammy’s closure. Nurse Tisa admits that she has theories about Tammy’s refusal. But is she just apologising to the TLC star?

1000-lb Sisters: Tisa Begs Tammy To Get Up And Walk

Sister Tisa spends most of the clip trying to get Tammy Slaton up and walking. She suggests going to the post box. When Tammy pushes her off, Sister Tisa asks how exactly Tammy is going to put on her swimsuit and go to the pool when she can’t even stand up and go to the mailbox. Tammy Slaton quickly rebuts, suggesting that she’s not even interested in going to the pool right now.

Tammy Slaton tells the producers on the sideline that pushing Tisa will just backfire and make her shut down. By the end of the clip, that’s pretty much exactly what happened. Tammy narrowed her eyes, looked away and refused to talk to Tisa any more.

With Tammy Slaton nowhere to go, Sister Tisa shifts gears to do other things around the house. She also spends time chatting to the producer. Nurse Tisa begins by explaining that her goal in getting Tammy out of her wheelchair is for her sister Amy. Amy Halterman encouraged Tisa to push Tammy and really persevere. Sister Tisa explains that she is just trying to follow orders. The home nurse offers some reasons and possible excuses on behalf of Tammy Slaton. She speculates that TLC’s personality is actually scared or embarrassed. She imagines that it is not easy to cope with the emotions associated with not being able to walk very far before being blown away. Nurse Tisa imagines that Tammy finds it difficult to swallow her pride and stand up.

1000-lb Sisters fans think Tisa is English. They have no idea how he keeps himself calm while enduring Tammy’s nasty attitude. They hope Tisa can fix Tammy Slaton. But they suspect that in reality it’s just a TLC personality hospice treatment.

Written by Emma Fisher

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