1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Infuriates Her Fans

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Infuriates Her Fans

In the first two seasons of 1000-Lb Sisters, viewers have seen Tammy Slaton fall further and further into denial. The over 640-pound celebrity has made very little progress on her weight-loss journey, and with each new effort she slips deeper down the rabbit hole.

Despite having been on the life support machine more than once, Tammy Slaton refuses to admit that her addiction is literally killing her. Now, after yet another medical intervention has been used to save her life, Tammy is still acting like herself and her latest posts on social media have her followers captivated.

During the show’s second season, we learned that Tammy Slaton had contracted Covid – and it nearly killed her. The breathing restrictions and chronic coughing caused by the virus, combined with her already compromised lungs, created a situation that Tammy barely survived. She survived the virus but was placed on oxygen. Throughout the second and early third seasons, viewers saw Tammy Slaton go through life with her oxygen tank. They saw her struggle to get from room to room, noting how more than before the slightest movement on foot charged her and forced her to rest.

Unfortunately, as her lungs were slowly recovering from the Covid, Tammy Slaton experienced carbon dioxide poisoning which further limited her ability to get oxygen to her lungs. So while initially the oxygen tube had helped her body bridge the gap and get the oxygen her lungs were not getting on their own, now even the oxygen tubes were not enough to replenish her failing respiratory system.

To supply his suffering body with the clean oxygen he needed, doctors decided to replace his nasal cannula with a tracheostomy. This surgical opening bypasses swollen passages in the sinuses and upper airway, allowing a tube to be inserted. The tube pumps air directly into the trachea.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Infuriates Her Fans

Earlier this month, Tammy made a critical error of judgement when she shared a series of photos on social media. The celebrity posed for several “glamourized” selfies, complete with beauty filters and makeup – all with her latest accessory – a trachmatologist. Tammy’s followers were shocked that she appeared to be proud of the travesty. Many commented that she was showing it off like a new scarf. In one photo, the TLC celebrity posed in front of a Christmas tree, ostensibly to tell fans she’s in the holiday spirit. To Tammy’s chagrin, her followers took the opportunity to remind her that if she doesn’t do something, this could be her last Christmas.

The comments section was quickly flooded with anger, frustration and disgust. This is literally the fourth time Tammy Slaton has been on some kind of life support. And while the tracheotomy is a reversible procedure, fans worry that it could be her last stop.

In order to get rid of the tracheostomy, Tammy’s lungs would have to heal enough for her to breathe effectively on her own. It seems her fans don’t believe Tammy has the willpower to fight her addiction and make a change.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor

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