90 Day Fiance: Alexei Started It All

90 Day Fiance: Alexei Started It All

90 Day Fiance’s Alexei Brovarnik has found his new “foot fingers” buddy and his wife Loren Brovarnik loves it. Recently seven month old Shai Josef discovered his feet and toes and put them in his mouth. It is certainly a cute stage, not only for the baby but also for the new parents.

Loren took a video of her son showing his newly discovered interest. The video shows Shai chilling on his sweater while nibbling on his green finger stocking. “What is it with men in the Brovarnik household and foot fingers?!,” the Pillow Talk star quipped.

90 Day Fiance: Alexei Started It All

Another video showed Shai Josef and his father Alexei’s sweet suture with more toes. The 90-day Fiance daddy played with his son on the bed while he was being filmed by Loren Brovarnik. Baby Shai cuddly put his toes on Alexei’s face before he giggled infectiously. “Fingers for days.” Loren capitulated the clip.

Alexei Brovarnik first used the term in one of their episodes on Pillow Talk. The former medic often has his feet in front of the camera, which resulted in mixed reactions from the viewers. Loren’s husband seemed unaffected by the negative comments, as he keeps putting his feet comfortably on the screen almost every episode.

Meanwhile, Shai Josef Brovarnik remains a big hit on and off camera. The 90 Day Fiance baby easily became the youngest fan favorite on the franchise. His parents Loren and Alexei are certainly proud of him. They continue to share his cuteness on the small screen and social platforms.

Shai’s big smile, his dazzling eyes and thick legs have certainly won everyone’s hearts.

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