90 Day Fiance: Angela Is Looking Much Thinner Lately.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Is Looking Much Thinner Lately.

Angela Deem already looks much thinner after her announcement at the 90 Day Fiance Tell All that she planned to have weight loss surgery in her ongoing effort to look younger and prettier for her husband Michael Ilesanmi.

Despite Michael’s concern that something might happen to Angela Deem during surgery, she made it clear that she had made a decision and would make a transition to weight loss in the coming months.

Now it seems that Angela Deem may have already had surgery on weight loss, or at least had something done to make her body look thinner, as a recently shared photo is evidence that her body is changing.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Is Looking Much Thinner Lately.

The great weight loss may have been coincidental, as it is no secret that Angela is great at hiding information that would spoil her storyline on the show.

Based on the photos, Angela Deem was with her family to celebrate the birthdays of two of her granddaughters, London and Ana. But it was a photo with Ana subtitled, “Who’s the best MEMA” that 90 Day Fiance fans are talking about”.

Angela Deem kisses the girl on her head and she looks much thinner. In fact, Angela’s double chin is gone!

Here’s a comparison with her most recent season of 90 Day Fiance, before she announced she was planning on undergoing weight loss surgery to show what a difference a few months (and possibly surgery) can make.

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  1. I feel for Jenny but she needs to free summit. He cannot be happy alienated from his family. Brittany should not have Yazan come to U S. If he does, and she decides she doesn’t want to marry him, what would he do? Very selfish on her part.

  2. But what needs work is…..she needs to change that crass, nasty, ghetto, trashy attitude and mouth. That needs work. Shes a disgusting individual, completely repulsive. She looked for a man abroad because the ones in the U.S. are too smart to be stuck with a classless cow like her.

  3. This like most of the 90 Day Finace stuff y’all publish was not news worthy nor did it need to be such a long and drawn out read. Y’all need to focus on things ppl don’t already know. Not things that millions of fans already see. Its a constant waste of time reading your unnecessary articles.

  4. Parabéns pela sua determinação, adoro você, você é a verdade que muitas mulheres deveriam ser, determinada, verdadeira,e muito rela. Continue assim, não mude do por causa de umas que te crítica, são umas invejosas, não têm coragem de ser pouquinho como você. Amo as suas atitudes, o seu você.

  5. Angela is so stupid that on recent pillow talk her and her daughter said they didn’t know what a Jew was. Have they ever read their own Bible? Just ignorant uneducated people. Michael is way more intelligent than these two.🤪

  6. Excuse me, however……am I the only one who finds Angela, rude and crude? I’m from the south and I find her to be obnoxious, attention grabbing, mean, loud mouth that needs to be alone, because you don’t treat people like that. Not to mention she is ignorant and disrespectful of Michael’s culture and has not even bothered to pick up a book or even google their traditions. It doesn’t matter how much weight she looses she already has deep wrinkles especially around her mouth from the constant cigarette smoking. By the time she’s finished she’s going to look like a “Shar-Pei”.

  7. Brittany is ONLY on the show to get screen time & work the $$ around it, PUHLEASE!! How can people not see through her?? This was all part of her plan hook a Middle East guy that any idiot knows how important being Muslim is to them. I’m sorry for Azan. Brittany you’re disrespectful to him & his culture & should shut it down now. Go back to Miami & try another angle there! I’m no fan of the Muslim culture that is degrading to women but everyone must live their own life!

  8. It’s still funny to me how she said she couldn’t afford fertility treatments and that’s why she wasn’t doing it. When gastric bypass is 2 to 3 times the cost of fertility treatments. Scripted tlc garbage

  9. RoRo you said everything I been thinking since she came on the show. No man in America will take that disrespectful attitude she brings. Michael need to divorce her & move on. She clearly don’t respect him , his culture , or his family !!! Bye Angela let that man go & live his best life because it won’t be good with her for sure

  10. I love Angela, she is a take no shit kind of lady. I’m that way too, all you who condemn her for spewing profanities probably have never gone though what she has in life. So piss off with your negativity. GO ANGELA GO!!! You can do this girl!!

  11. Referring to some of the negative comments, she may not be perfect but NONE OF US ARE. So who are we to point a finger? Angela, I think you are a beautiful person. 😊

  12. I think all of you that leave nasty comments for this lady need to look in the mirror first before you start to judge her. I think that she is a wonderful person because she does not pretend to be anybody else other than herself. And if you’re going to leave disgusting messages for her you need to think about what maybe she has gone through and what has happened to her maybe make her feel the way that she feels. You need to leave her alone you wouldn’t like it if someone did that to you especially if you don’t really know the whole story all we know is what the TV shows us and we don’t know if they make her act that way or if she is that way it doesn’t matter she takes care of her family and does the best that she can. I asked please out of all of you for the sake of God , stop making judgments on other people before you really know where they came from their story and what really is going on you don’t know the truth so you have no reason to assume. We have enough problems going on in this world right now for people that leave hatred information on this site get a grip people life doesn’t last too long and I’m pretty sure all of you who are making us comments have skeletons in your closet, and if we were to open up your Pandora box we could probably make the same comments about you as well and you wouldn’t like it either.

  13. Why does she even bother? She has an ugly face anyway.
    And the garbage that comes out of her mouth doesn’t make her attractive either.
    When her guy has his green card he’ll be gone. Nobody can put up with trash like that.

  14. I agree it doesn’t matter how much weight she loses or whatever she has nipped tucked made tighter or whatever she’s one nasty nasty mouth person she has no class whatsoever she’s very repulsive and she talks like that in front of her grandkids can hear her like that or anybody actually she’s pure trash nobody decent want her he’s just looking for a free ticket to America then he’s going to dump her nasty self

  15. I look so forward to seeing 90 day fiance every Sunday ..I love you all..especially Angela..she tells it the way it is..not holding back on anything..thats the way to be…and when she laughs it makes me laugh too..this show is Incredible and I am surely a big fan !!!!!!

  16. Please get Lydia and Molly to think before they pass judgment on the women. Molly is obscene and Lydia is against women. The men on the show are beyond reproach. Oh, one last comment, Lydia you can never be a therapist. You are too biased!

  17. Funny how she can do whatever the heck she wants without “consulting/asking” Michael, but he can’t even go to the bathroom without asking her FIRST, or getting her “permission, because she goes completely bat sh*t crazy!! Apparently, when it comes to everything she does, then the marriage is NOT 50/50, it’s all 100, ALL Her 100!! That’s why nobody in the USA would ever want that !

  18. I look at all you people slicing Angela on how she looks, her personality, how she talks, WHO CARES if she is a good person and does right by her family none of that matters….there is an international pandemic and all you people can talk about is how someone looks and talks. Absolutely grotesque at least Angela keeps it real…she isn’t a keyboard warrior bully like all of you are being holy cow!!!!

  19. It doesn’t matter how much weight she loses. She needs to take the garbage out and she thinks that mouth is part of her charm. Trash is trash…as the old saying goes, you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

  20. I agree Angela has a nasty mouth, American men wouldnt put up with attitude,she does look like shes lost weight.I think a 30 year age difference is weird, they have nothi,g in common but sex,what are they gonna have in common in 20 years.

  21. The thinner face is dur to the lower facelift that Angela had prior to the tell all. Whoever did her lift, did a wonderful job. She definitely looks younger and thinner.

    Along with other commentors on here, I agree, it would be wonderful if Angela could reign in her foul language, along with her anger and need to control.

  22. All the weight loss in the world won’t stop her jealousy and insecurity, at the end of the day she’s still much older than him and that’s been her whole issue. Also, her extremely foul mouth, treatng him like he’s her slave, and being disrespectful to everyone is what’s gonna make him walk after he secures his green card. He’s playing with a cool head and buying his time.

  23. You can visibly see her double chin, the picture is blurry. What people will do to get a “story” maybe if she changed her habits, her attitude she would be more attractive to her husband.

  24. Whats with the haters of people that speak their mind. I would rather have someone say what they mean than lie to me with their politically correct mouth. I love Angela and how she doesnt back down from her wants or needs!

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