90 Day Fiance: Darcey Prepping to Marry Georgi

Darcey & Stacey star Darcey is getting ready for her wedding but wants to lose a few pounds first – and her new plan seems extreme. The TLC celebrity is looking forward to the big day since Georgi Rusev proposed earlier this year. Recently she shared some of her plans for the big day, but the pandemic could complicate things for the 90 Day Fiance starlet.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Prepping to Marry Georgi

Darcey Silva is an excited bride in the making. The Darcey & Stacey cast members officially became a fiancée after accepting Georgi Rusev’s proposal in June. But the couple’s wedding has to be put on hold for many reasons. However, 90 Day Fiance cameras are probably part of the plan.

The ongoing pandemic made it extra challenging for the couple to plan their wedding. Not to mention Georgi Rusev’s pending divorce from his first wife. The prospective model has yet to finalize his legal divorce as a result of COVID19 and it will probably take another few months before an agreement is reached. Then it will be 90 Day Fiance wedding time.

But Darcey cannot stop making preparations for the special moment. The Darcey & Stacey celebrity starts working on her body for her and Georgi Rusev’s big day. Recently she proudly showed off the result of her new sleek program.

Tom Brooks’ ex-girlfriend from 90 Day Fiance revealed that she and Stacey Silva are on a 45-day HCG program, where they get injections of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). They also adapted it with a low-calorie diet. The 90-day Fiance celeb claimed she dropped five pounds of her quarantine weight in just one week using this weird method.

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  1. I have been watching every season of 90 day fiance. Every guy Darcy has hooked up with she has aggressively pushed the topic & issue of marriage. She comes across as very needy emotionally & very insecure which has sabotaged her past relationships. It is very unfortunate considering she is a very attractive woman. Well I guess she finally found a hostage that is willing.

  2. The HCG weight lost has been around for years. It is administered under a Physician’s care. It does work if you can limit yourself to 500 calories a day. Once you lose your desired weight it is up to you to maintain it. Watch for an improvement in your hair and skin. You’ ll look younger if you can follow the guidelines

  3. She is more in love with being married than she is with who. My step daughter had the same problem. Every time my step daughter brought a guy home, which were several, as soon as she started talking about getting married, they would bolt. Now she is married to a guy that really does not help her in any way and they now have two kids. I prefer to not do things with them because it usually ends with the fighting. My point is, there is no need to rush into something if you have to force it.

  4. Wow I am so glad she found someone to marry her I was about to offer up my dog at this point. I mean he’s loyal always up one’s ass and you don’t have to ask him for attention he just gives it. Good luck sir, I hope she treats you better than she has ever treated any of her other costars on her multiple love reality shows.

  5. I love stacy and Darcy. The two men before Georgie were mean and degrading to her. Always making her feel tht way. She is a woman with sensitive feelings. She just wants love like us all. Dnt call her things tht are hurtful. She already has gone thru tht. She is talented, beautiful. Has a big heart and her family is awesome! I love Mike he is her rock! Her father , the man tht cares deeply for his daughters. Be nice!!!! Love you both Darcy & Stacy!!!

  6. You would think that after two failed attempts of trying men overseas, she would have learned. Now it’s man 3 and engaged to once more. She is a vain woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. Quit dressing like a loose woman

  7. Darcy wreaks of desperation and insecurity. Girl… can’t you be alone? I guess you’ve found your next victim. Sadly its not gonna work out either, you need to get to know yourself.

  8. Did I miss something??? Hey Gorgi don’t you have to be single to get married?? Also do you really understand what you will have to put up with (drama style & tears) to be married to Darci???

  9. Stacey… the answer is not marriage, it’s being happy with yourself… and it’s obvious that you are a tormented, superficial person

  10. Call me stupid but I’m thinking she might want to just keep this all on the “low” until he gets divorced. He said his wife was living in Maryland, is that where the divorce was filed?

  11. Sooo happy for you Darcy!! He is soo lucky to have you!! Not everyone gets a partner that loves them back the same way they do and so loyal and dedicated to their relationship like you!! God bless you guys!!

  12. What is it going to take for people to realize this is scripted and if I’m wrong Darcy is such a desperate desperate woman she would marry anything that asked her but I can see why who would want her

  13. Lol lol Darcy lol. You are such a wanna be and need a younger guy to make you feel good. Very pathetic and you should get a boob reduction and other parts. Stop being such a fake and be you. Being someone your not is no good.

  14. Darcey, You think your other relationships were bad, I hope you can handle this one. I was like you heart on sleeve and believing. Well, I am Bulgarian, my parents were born there. I’ve spent 15 summers there. I married a Bulgarian twice. In the beginning there wow and than the cheating started, other than my dad,who never cheated. Later, they will tell
    You need more than 1 woman to prove your
    Masculinity. They do make u feel loved, but
    They all cheat!!! I was 8 mos pregnant, when I
    I came home and he was in our bed with a
    16yr.old. Good luck trust me you will need
    it. Unfortunately, they are all the same. I ‘ll
    be watching.

  15. I wish everyone would get off Darcey’s back!! I am so happy for her and Georgie! I was crying like a baby watching the proposal! She deserves to be happy ! So to Darcy and Georgie I want to say congratulations and best wishes and blessings for your new life together!

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