90 Day Fiance: Petition To Remove Big Ed Brown From TLC

90 Day Fiancé: Petition To Remove Big Ed Brown From TLC

90 Day Fiance spoilers tells us that there is a petition circulating on for TLC to remove Big Ed from TLC on the grounds that he has been accused of sexual assault and that he has shown consistent predatory behaviour. Last year there was a match star, Lordakeet, who made allegations that when she worked with Big Ed Brown, he not only drugged her but also sexually assaulted her, causing her physical and psychological harm for which she has had to undergo years of therapy.

90 Day Fiancé’: Petition To Remove Big Ed Brown From TLC

We all saw what he did to former ex-fiance Rosemarie Vega, he constantly humiliated her and made her jump through humiliating hoops on national television, all the while telling her he loved her and wanted to marry her, but at the same time he made her feel not good enough for him by questioning her sexual history and telling her her breath didn’t smell nice. The latter was due to a problem she had with acid reflux, so it wasn’t really her fault. When he returned to the US, he was no better. According to the petition, he has young girls in his life all the time, girls who are sometimes younger than his own daughter, and 90 Day Fiance The Single Life, we have seen how he has treated his current girlfriend Liz.

Despite Ed Brown really trying, at least on screen, to make things right with Liz, Big Ed Brown has been really abusive in text messages and phone calls. Telling her that everything he has done has been for show and to boost his popularity as a reality star, his ego has really gotten to him and that is not a good thing.

She needs a reality check and not a TLC signed check, she needs to get off her high horse and realize that the people who made her can break her and that is why a petition is circulating to have her removed from the TLC show.

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