90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Matto Asked Fans To Be Nice To Erika

90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Matto Asked Fans To Be Nice To Erika

90 Day Fiance couple Erika Owens and Stephanie Matto seem to be lying on the rocks these days.Madman flew to Australia to meet Owens, and since then the two don’t seem to be seeing each other very well. Owens took Madman to a local party with his friends, where Madman soon discovered that Owens had an intimate friendship that Madman found uncomfortable. In the meantime, a few fans snatched Fool for not having fun at all and for ruining the party. Since then, Erika has talked about her relationship with her friend Adam and what it means to her.

90 Day Fiance: Stephanie Matto Asked Fans To Be Nice To Erika

Stephanie Matto had to know that Erika Owens’ friendship with Adam and Matto’s subsequent reaction might have aroused some suspicion among fans of the show, because she had asked fans to be polite before the episode aired.

During the episode, Stephanie learns that Erika has a close friend, Adam. She learns that Owens and Adam have kissed in the past, and occasionally share a bed when they spend the night at each other’s houses.

Mad wrote: “Before tonight’s episode, I want to STRONGLY encourage people to refrain from leaving any hate on Erika or Adam’s social media. Adam has a close relationship with Erika that obviously made me feel somehow and this is my problem and not his. Leaving someone’s hatred on social media, insults, etc. will not make me, you or Erika feel better or change anything. I intend to watch, learn and try to improve myself”.

However, the Redditors seemed to be very happy, and many of them noticed that they were more confused by Fool’s behavior. One Redditor commented: “I’m not the type to leave hatred on anyone’s social media, but if I was, I’m pretty sure that among the three options, it wouldn’t be on Adam or Erika”.

After the party episode, Erika Owens went to Instagram to talk about her friend. The 90 Day Fiance star was clearly put off by Matto’s reaction to her friendship with Adam, and received comments from some fans who feel Matto’s frustration was justified.

Erika posted a photo of herself and Adam on her Instagram. She subtitled it: “Adam is one of my closest friends. We sing together, we give each other fashion advice, we can both appreciate a nice ass”. He says it as it is, he calls me if I’m a drama queen and he’s not afraid to be mercilessly rude himself. Anyone who knows him knows he has a heart of gold… and he ALWAYS keeps it in the cupboard for my pizza. “

Owens added: “We kissed once (or twice) once. When we were single. Big deal. Welcome to small towns. There will NEVER be more to our friendship than that. I will never try to hide the bond we have as friends or feel bad about it. When your friends are sad, I’m sure you’d hug them and tell them they’re loved too. Everyone needs an Adam in their life. I love you, you idiot” ⠀

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