Alaskan Bush People: Matt’s confidence took a hit for this reason

Alaskan Bush People: Matt's confidence took a hit for this reason

After Matt Brown completed his rehabilitation in early 2019, he got a fresh start through his YouTube channel. And in a clip in September 2019, Brown opened a personal issue that had been bothering him for a long time: his teeth.  “I’ve always been aware of my smile,” he admitted in candid vid, while noting that oral surgery was a “long time coming”. It’s not 100% clear what Matt’s renewal was, but it looks like he received a new set of helicopters. He also mentioned something about his pearly whites being “downsized”.

After digging deep into his reasons for getting cosmetic makeover, Matt Brown revealed that he had waited so long due to an alleged lack of funds. This makes us a little curious, because those who follow the finances of the Alaskan Bush People already know their parents Ami and Billy Brown who make money as reality TV stars for Discovery Channel. Hmm.

Anyway, we’re thrilled that Brown has a renewed sense of trust and is doing great these days. And speaking of personal transformation…

Alaskan Bush People: Matt’s glow-up is on the inside, too

Feeling happy with your appearance may be important, but some might argue that it’s what really matters inside. Someone who seems to have taken this feeling to heart is Matt Brown, who has transformed his life after struggling with addiction. And part of that change includes making amends with his family, as one of the workers at Radar Online in August 2019 explained: “He made peace with his father, which is huge. They’ve managed to come to an agreement that will bring Matt Brown back to the show…”.

Considering that reality TV can be a very lucrative job, returning to Alaskan Bush People would be a big problem for Brown. The only warning? “Billy told Matt he has to stay sober from now on, or the deal is off,” the source shared. Apparently, Brown “agreed” to the terms, but it remains to be seen if he can keep his end of the deal. That said, our hopes are high because of his apparent commitment to personal growth. “A year and almost 2 months ago, I began a search for self-understanding, and awareness, to find a better way to exist in the world,” subtitled a September 2019 Instagram post. “It changed my life for the better forever.”

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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