All About Julie Chrisley’s First Day And First Meal

All About Julie Chrisley’s First Day And First Meal

Julie Chrisley’s first dinner behind bars has been revealed. Julie Chrisley, known as the chef of her household, finally gets to sit down to a meal. Unfortunately for Todd Chrisley’s wife, it’s prison food she’s being served.

As the TV ace has mentioned before, all eyes were on the Chrisley family yesterday as the day finally arrived when they must report to their prisons. Despite now being behind bars, all eyes continue to be on Chrisley’s family.

For the most part, there’s a pretty even split as to why fans have eyes on Chrisley Knows Best. Some fans have absolutely complained about the state the reality TV family is in right now. Others, however, are just happy that being a reality star didn’t prevent justice from being served properly.

Knowing that Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley have lived a lavish and luxurious lifestyle for so long, fans are understandably curious to see what their life behind bars is like. Specifically, fans are interested to see what Julie Chrisley looks like when she takes control of the kitchen and starts eating prison food.

All About Julie Chrisley’s First Day And First Meal

According to Radar Online, Julie Chrisley’s first dinner at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, Kentucky was a chicken and cheese sandwich.

Federal prison officials went out of their way to say they would offer an alternative if the reality TV star couldn’t digest the prison meat. Julie was given a choice of bean or pasta salad instead of the chicken and cheese sandwich.

In addition to the main course, Julie Chrisley’s first prison meal was also served with carrots and sandwiches. On Reddit, fans pointed out that Julie is probably struggling with her weight behind bars due to the high-fat and greasy prison food. Others intervened that she has plenty of free time to exercise to balance the less healthy food choices she is forced to consume.

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