Chrisley Knows Best: Julie Chrisley Lands a Job Behind Bars

Chrisley Knows Best: Julie Chrisley Lands a Job Behind Bars

Julie Chrisley teaches classes in prison, aiming for early release.

Known from “Chrisley Knows Best,” she and Todd were guilty in 2022 of fraud. Savannah shared Julie’s letters from jail, discussing teaching and learning.

Julie Chrisley mentioned a real estate class, using outdated materials and a typewriter.

The First Step Act offers credits for early release to inmates. In her letter, Julie also mentions being a judge and a shark.

Prison programs help inmates with skills for post-release success.

Julie Chrisley found her first FSA course a waste of time. But, some good came for her fellow inmates. “I went upstairs, and everyone was excited,” she shared. “FSA credits were applied, and many release dates moved up. It’s going to be a crazy week. Lots of people are getting released.”

The Chrisleys serve a combined 15-year prison term. Initially sentenced to 19 years, their terms were reduced in September 2023.

Recently, Julie’s attorney mentioned hopes for a further sentence reduction to get her out on bond amid their ongoing appeal.

Attorney Alex Little believes the First Step Act could support Julie. “We don’t know whether the judge would actually apply it in a way to reduce her sentence,” Little stated. “It should align with the guidelines. It could happen this year or early next year.”

Julie Chrisley mentioned having a prison job, enjoying the busy routine. “I started work on February 27, 2023,” she shared. “I work Monday through Thursday, 6:00 a.m. to 1. It keeps me occupied.”

In 2017, Channel 2 Action News began investigating the Chrisleys. Todd Chrisley allegedly evaded Georgia state income taxes for years. Court records from 2018 showed the Chrisleys owing nearly $800,000 in state liens.

In June 2022, a federal jury convicted them of bank fraud and tax evasion.

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