Chrisley Knows Best: Fans Love Savannah Chrisley.

Chrisley Knows Best: Fans Love Savannah Chrisley.

Savannah Chrisley stunned her 2.4 million followers on Instagram with a sizzling snap on her Stories. The photo showed Todd Chrisley’s daughter in a pair of tiny black leather pants hugging her tiny frame in all the right places. Savannah Chrisley turned up the heat a few degrees for her followers as she showed off her “ski weather.

Todd Chrisley’s daughter was clearly feeling herself after the steamy photo she shared on Instagram last night. The photo showed Savannah Chrisley dressed in black from head to toe. She was wearing a fitted, long-sleeved black jacket with black drawstrings hanging down her torso.

Savannah Chrisley paired the solid black jacket with a pair of very tight black leather pants. Her pants were so tight that they looked like they were painted on her body.

A reader for ski weather, Savannah paired this sleek all-black outfit with a pair of winter boots trimmed with a sherpa material to keep her feet warm. She also protected her gorgeous face and eyes from the sun’s UV rays with a large pair of black sunglasses.

Chrisley Knows Best: Fans Love Savannah Chrisley.

Savannah Chrisley is a beautiful and perfect combination of Julie and Todd that fans of the reality family absolutely adore. Part of the reason she has so many followers is that fans think she is truly blessed with such beautiful looks and a pure soul. Savannah often sparkles and shines in her photos and videos on social media. Her followers only wish she would back off a bit on cosmetic surgery because they believe she is perfect just the way she is.

As the founder of a successful and affordable cosmetics company, Chrisley Knows Best’s fans aren’t surprised that she always looks perfect in her photos and videos. Especially when she’s filming her gorgeous mother!

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.

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