‘Counting On’ – Duggar said parenting comes with ‘long days and sleepless nights’

'Counting On' - Duggar said parenting comes with ‘long days and sleepless nights’

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo tackled parenthood without the help of their families – the two live in California, far from Duggar’s family in Arkansas and Vuolo’s parents on the east coast. Although the two seem to love every minute they spend with Felicity, Duggar revealed that being a mother is certainly not an easy task.

‘Counting On’: Duggar and Vuolo recently relocated to California

Last July, Duggar and Vuolo picked up their lives in Laredo, Texas, and set off for something completely new: a life in Los Angeles, California. Vuolo had been given the chance to take graduation classes in L.A., and the two didn’t want to miss the chance to see the West Coast. Since then, they seem to love exploring their new home.

Duggar and Vuolo often post pictures of new restaurants, sightseeing or attending fun events. They spent a day at the aquarium and took Felicity to amusement parks and on other exciting adventures. The two enjoy walking together and spending time as a family of three.

‘Counting On’: Duggar and Vuolo are always doting on Felicity

Felicity is the light of this couple’s life. It is customary for the Duggars to have children immediately after marriage, and many Duggars become pregnant within a few months of their marriage. However, Duggar and Vuolo decided to wait a while before starting a family, and they only welcomed their daughter about a year and a half after their marriage.

Unlike many Duggar couples, Felicity Vuolo and Duggar’s only child. Although other family members may have had two or three children by now (the two have been married for over three years), these two have taken it easy and are enjoying themselves one-on-one with their little girl.

‘Counting On’: Duggar said parenting comes with ‘long days and sleepless nights’

Although Duggar clearly loves her daughter, she has recently revealed to fans that it hasn’t always been easy. Duggar posted a photo of Felicity on Instagram, and she became equally candid about the challenges of parenthood. “… The days haven’t been free of the challenges of parenthood – long days and sleepless nights,” Duggar posted on Instagram. But she also made it clear that Felicity brings enormous joy into her life. “It was nothing but a joy and a priceless gift from God to raise this precious little angel.

Duggar takes care of Felicity while Vuolo is taking his graduation classes, so she’s the one who’s busy all day with most of her daughter’s antics. But it seems that most parents would agree with the positive points, which far outweigh the negative points when it comes to having children.

‘Counting On’: Fans think the two are expecting their second child

Some fans of Counting On theorize that Duggar and Vuolo are preparing for a pregnancy commercial. Duggar recently hid her stomach in pictures after fans thought they saw the beginning of a baby bump in her Thanksgiving post. The two have not had a baby in a while, and Duggar hinted that they could have more children while they are in California. Time will tell if the fans’ predictions are true.

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