Counting On: It’s unclear how the Duggar kids make their money

Counting On: It’s unclear how the Duggar kids make their money

The Duggar family is one of the largest families in America. With 19 children, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have many mouths to feed. And because the Duggar lifestyle is different from most other families, Michelle and Jim Bob also provide their children with a job and a home. But Counting On fans think that the lives of the youngest Duggars have made them much healthier than their siblings.

Counting On: Michelle and Jim had a lot of mouths to feed

Duggars don’t live like most American families. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar once believed in birth control, but after Michelle miscarried while on the pill, they decided they no longer believed in pregnancy prevention.

The Duggars are very religious and have a deep connection to their faith. This, combined with a lack of birth control, is mainly the reason why they had 19 children. But with so many children come many mouths to feed, and fans have often wondered how they managed to do it.

Nowadays, Counting On provides the Duggars with another important source of income in addition to Jim Bob’s work. With this, some who follow the show think that younger kids now live a much healthier life than their older brothers and sisters.

“It seems to me that when you look at the pictures of the older girls growing up they have always been pretty thin, the verses of the girls growing up now,” one user posted on Reddit, suggesting that younger girls seem to have a healthier weight than their older brothers and sisters at that age. Other users suggest that the girls’ interesting meal choices for their families today reflect their growing up lives. “Yes, food insecurity and poverty can certainly cause a strange relationship with food that lasts for years,” someone wrote.

Counting On: It’s unclear how the Duggar kids make their money

These days, fans are still wondering how Michelle and Jim Bob’s children support their families. None of the children went to college, and even though all the children and genders have jobs, it doesn’t seem they can make enough money to support their growing families. Fans suspect that Jim Bob pays each child a “salary”, as Derick Dillard (who was essentially banned from the family) once insinuated that Jim Bob is in control of the money. No matter how the Duggars earn their money, they always seem to make ends meet.

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