Counting On: How do Duggar girls express their love?

Counting On: How do Duggar girls express their love?

As evangelical fundamentalists, Counting On stars Jim Bob Duggar and his wife, Michelle Duggar, have drawn up a large number of rules that their sons and daughters must follow when courting. The rules range from limited physical contact to chaperoned dates, all of which make it difficult for the Duggar children to get some much-needed time alone. Here’s how the Duggar girls show their love while staying close to Jim Bob’s outrageous courtship rules.

Counting On: How do Duggar girls express their love?

With the Duggar girls who are not allowed to have physical contact, expressing their love for a boy can be a little tricky – not to mention the fact that they are bordering on strange things.

As Counting On fans may have picked up, the women in the Duggar family often show their love by looking adorable to their loved ones in what is called the Duggar Gaze.

While most fans think the behavior is a little creepy, you can’t really blame the Duggar girls. After all, they have no other way to express their love because of Jim Bob’s strict rules.

“Oh, Jinger does her part of the worship,” one fan commented online, while another added, “She does this thing where she looks at Jeremy [Vuolo], and then she looks at the camera like, “Isn’t what he’s saying just the most brilliant thing?” and then back to Jeremy.”

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Fortunately, Jim Bob and Michelle are a little reassured in the rules of courting when one of their children is engaged. During the engagement phase, for example, the Duggars are allowed to hold hands for more than 15 seconds.

On their wedding day, the Duggars are even allowed to kiss – but only after they have exchanged their vows.

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I thought it would be fun to do 11 facts about me (Lauren btw 😊) that y’all may or may not already know… 1.I love Jesus with my whole heart.❤️ 2. I grew up in central GA on a little farm (love farm life).🐶🐓🐴🦆 3. I am the oldest of nine children (there are 4 girls and 5 boys). 4. I am a quarter hispanic (and no I am not fluent in Spanish, but I wish I was). 5. My middle name (Milagro) is in Spanish, it means miracle. 6. Met the Duggar family in 2010, at the ATI conference in Big Sandy, TX (so yes, I watched Josiah grow up; I remember him as the funny/talkative little kid😂). 7. I went to college when I was 16 and finished my Associate’s degree in Nursing at 18. 8. My secret talent is yodeling. 9. I love playing the piano and enjoy singing duets with my hubby. 10. I love doing decor and design, it’s a passion of mine. I love making a room/project look beautiful (can’t wait to show y’all the nursery).💖 11. My most favorite pass time of all, is spending time with my precious family (Duggar and Swanson side)-they’re my very best friends!!! What’s a neat fact about you?

Josiah and Lauren Duggar (@siandlaurenduggar)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

“We want to preserve the physical side of our relationship for our wedding day and not go any further than we should,” Jill Duggar shared earlier.

Of course, all the rules are thrown out the window on the wedding night. In fact, the Counting On stars usually start trying to have children of their own as soon as possible. If they don’t succeed at first, they try again – and often.

But just because they’re allowed to have sex after the wedding doesn’t mean they drop all of Jim Bob’s rules. The biggest rule they follow in marriage is the idea that women should submit to their husbands.

On the other hand, the Duggars don’t have to keep staring after they’ve tied the knot.

Written by Tommy Kilmer


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