Counting On: Jana Duggar Breaks the Daughter Mold

Counting On: Jana Duggar Breaks the Daughter Mold

TLC’s Jana Duggar is the oldest daughter of the Duggar family and the twins of John-David Duggar. Viewers keep waiting for Jana from Counting On to court. In fact, it has become a kind of joke for Jana and her family.

Some Counting On fans say that Jana finds it hard on her, despite her hard exterior. Recently, she said she wants a boyfriend, but she wouldn’t marry the first person who came along. Some thought that was a bump with her siblings getting married early because of what some call regular marriages.

When she is 30 years old, some say that Jana should move out and start her life. But Jim Bob Duggar said it is cheaper for the children to live at home. Although the Counting On daughter stays home, she seems to do things a little differently than her other sisters.

Counting On: Jana Duggar Breaks the Daughter Mold

Counting on star Jana, she said she would do things on her own timeline. It doesn’t look like she wants to move soon with her new greenhouse and her big garden. But she does want to earn her own money and that is why she started her business.

Jana Duggar said she wants to sell home decoration and help with that kind of things. But lately it seems like she is putting that dream on the back burner. In fact, she is now working with her brother, James Duggar, on some of his projects.

Counting on celeb Jana, she said she is now working on her dream job. Fans said they are happy to see that she is doing something to support herself and make money. Other daughters in the family only study homework and do not work outdoors.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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