Counting On: Jessa And Husband Ben Have Welcomed Their Fourth Child.

Counting On: Jessa And Husband Ben Have Welcomed Their Fourth Child.

Counting On star Jessa Duggar announced in a recent intimate photo with her little baby that she and her husband Ben Seewald are expecting their fourth child. There’s also a video of the events on her YouTube channel leading up to the birthday. The reality TV star revealed that the children will have a new sister to play with. One of the preparations leading up to the day of the birth was the delivery bag. Previously, she had planned to give birth to her babies via home birth.

However, when two of her births eventually led to her going to the ambulance and the hospital, she decided to have her fourth child in hospital.

Counting On: Jessa And Husband Ben Have Welcomed Their Fourth Child.

When Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald announced the pregnancy, they revealed that their babies are happy and their family can’t wait for a new addition. They already have a 4 and 5-year-old son with a 2-year-old daughter. Prior to this pregnancy, Jessa suffered from miscarriage and also opened up about her crippling anxiety. As reported by DailyMail, Jessa couldn’t be fully excited about the pregnancy because she was afraid that something might go wrong. The 28-year-old Counting On star couldn’t get over the tragedy for some reason. As soon as she announced the good news, messages of congratulations started pouring in on social media.

Jessa Duggar revealed that even though they have known the baby’s gender for a long time, choosing a name is as difficult as ever. With every pregnancy, they start from scratch to find out the baby’s name.

What seemed overwhelming in the past doesn’t seem so appealing with the next pregnancy. So the couple has to start all over again. As they search out their favourites with each pregnancy, choosing a name remains a challenge for the couple. Part 2 of the birth story video on her YouTube channel is coming soon. In Part 1, she revealed that although she had a lot of contractions, they want to be too painful. They went to the hospital where car seats, a baby bag and a delivery bag were ready.

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