Did Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Secretly Elope?

Did Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Secretly Elope?

“Sister Wives” reality TV star, Christine Brown, recently took to social media, dispelling rumors of a secret wedding to fiancé David Woolley. The buzz began after fans noticed the 51-year-old mother wearing what appeared to be a wedding band alongside her engagement ring during a cooking tutorial. The speculation further intensified due to the couple’s silence regarding their wedding preparations.

Christine Brown’s latest Instagram post, however, may finally set the rumors to rest. Sharing her recent trip with David, the TLC star included hashtags like “#stillengaged,” thus clarifying the status of their relationship.

Aiding her denial of a secret wedding, Christine Brown was spotted shopping for wedding gowns. The couple remains mum on the exact date of their big day, but insiders claim the ceremony will be intimate, set to take place this summer.

Christine and David’s wedding planning isn’t their only ongoing project. The mother-of-six has been supervising the renovation of her Utah property with David, planning a family gathering area and a playground for her grandchildren.

Sister Wives: Wedding Guest List – Who’s In and Who’s Out?

While the guest list for the wedding remains undisclosed, an insider shared that Christine’s ex-husband, Kody Brown, may not receive an invite. The inclusion of other sister wives, Meri and Robyn, is still uncertain. The anonymous source revealed this information, adding more fuel to the rumor mill surrounding the couple’s upcoming nuptials.

Sister Wives: Living Arrangements Stir Up Controversy

Christine Brown’s relationship updates don’t end at elopement rumors and wedding preparations. A source shared that Kody Brown was upset over his ex-wife already living with her future husband before getting married. Despite these controversies, fans have been commending David for his supportiveness towards Christine.

Christine Brown’s social media activity has played a crucial role in managing her narrative amid the rumors and speculation. Her strategic use of Instagram to subtly address her relationship status and share glimpses into her life with David reflects her smart engagement with fans.

With the entire family and a massive fan base eagerly waiting for the big day, it seems like Christine is set to share more wedding updates through her social media platforms in the days leading up to the wedding.

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