Fixer to Fabulous: The Inspiring Journey of HGTV’s Power Couple Dave and Jenny Marrs

Fixer to Fabulous: The Inspiring Journey of HGTV's Power Couple Dave and Jenny Marrs

Dave and Jenny Marrs, the HGTV power couple known for their hit show “Fixer to Fabulous,” have come a long way since their humble beginnings. As reported by People, the duo moved to Bentonville, Arkansas in 2004 after quitting their corporate city jobs to pursue a career in house flipping. Today, they’re not only renowned TV personalities but also successful entrepreneurs with multiple ventures under their belt. Let’s dive into their inspiring journey!

Fixer to Fabulous: The Early Days: Struggles and Sacrifices

When Dave and Jenny Marrs first started out, they rented a house and drove a truck they found on eBay, unable to afford anything else. Jenny held an office job for 10 years while they worked on renovations, jokingly referred to as Dave’s “sugar mama.” The couple faced a lot of upheaval during this period, living in the houses they were flipping and moving when they were sold.

Jenny told People, “We were so broke but we had the most fun.” Their faith and determination kept them moving forward despite the challenges.

The Breakthrough: HGTV and “Fixer to Fabulous”

In 2016, HGTV contacted Dave and Jenny Marrs, but they initially turned down the offer. A couple of months later, another producer approached them, and they agreed to film a sizzle reel. This eventually led to the creation of “Fixer to Fabulous,” which has since become a massive hit. The third season alone attracted more than 31 million viewers.

Jenny shared with People that they wouldn’t have done the show if they hadn’t felt like it was part of a bigger plan for them. “The show is a perfect example. We would never have done it had we not felt like God could use it, and he was leading us here.”

Fixer to Fabulous: Expanding Their Empire – Partnerships, Storefronts, and Spinoffs

Dave and Jenny Marrs have continued to grow their brand, partnering with Walmart on a decor line, opening Marrs Mercantile storefront, and renovating a bed and breakfast on “Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn.” They also starred in the spinoff special “Fixer to Fabulous Holiday Surprise” and competed on season 3 of “Rock the Block.”

The couple is gearing up for an exciting collaboration with Ben and Erin Napier for the second season of “Home Town Takeover.” Premiering on April 23, 2023, the show will feature a “full-town renovation” of Fort Morgan, Colorado.

The series will follow the two couples as they team up with 10 all-star HGTV and Food Network talents to complete 18 renovation projects across homes, local businesses, and public spaces. The goal of these renovations is to amplify the town’s charm, build community pride, and propel Fort Morgan into a new era of limitless potential.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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