Fixer to Fabulous: How Are Home Makeovers Funded?

Fixer to Fabulous: How Are Home Makeovers Funded?

Have you ever thought about Dave and Jenny Marrs from ‘Fixer to Fabulous’ renovating your home? Their show on HGTV is popular for turning dull houses into beautiful homes. But who pays for these amazing transformations?

Understanding the Money Side

The official rules for applying to be on the show reveal what homeowners need to do. You must live within 30 miles of Bentonville, Arkansas, and have at least $120,000 saved for renovations. You have to show proof of this money, either through savings or a loan. Also, be prepared to move out for seven to nine weeks during the renovation, which can bring extra costs.

Furniture is a key part of the Marrs’ design plan, mixing old and new pieces. Jenny Marrs mentioned in an interview that they try to use the homeowners’ furniture when possible. If not, they work with a local company to choose what’s best for the client. Homeowners can buy these items at a discount. This approach makes the space unique and lets homeowners keep a part of their old home in a fresh new way.

The HGTV Way: Homeowners Pay, Network Supports

This setup isn’t just for ‘Fixer to Fabulous.’ HGTV has the same policy for all its renovation shows: homeowners cover the costs. The network doesn’t pay directly. But, it sometimes gives money for construction. This makes the makeover faster and more exciting for viewers.

People don’t just join these shows for a nice home. They also get to learn from pros like Dave and Jenny Marrs. Their skills transform homes and lives, making a lasting impact.

The Marrs family is expanding their work to Italy with a new show, ‘Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano,’ starting on March 12. This new series will show their touching renovations in Italy. They will bring new adventures and stunning changes to the beautiful landscapes.

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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