KUWTK: Kourtney Has Grown Exhausted With ‘KUWTK’

KUWTK: Kourtney Has Grown Exhausted With ‘KUWTK’

It’s no secret that in recent years, Kourtney Kardashian has had difficulty shooting “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. KarJenner’s older brother shot directly on the A-list when the show was first presented in 2007. She was much loved by many, and fans saw her tumultuous relationship with then boyfriend Scott Disick.

Although Kardashian and Disick share three children, Mason, Penelope and Regin, they officially went their separate ways in 2015. Since then, Kardashian has focused on other things, including her children and her new lifestyle brand, Poosh. She has openly said that filming KUWTK is no longer a priority for her.

Unfortunately, this has caused much tension between the mother of three children and her sisters, Khloé Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West. In fact, the first of Season 18 of KUWTK opened with an explosive physical confrontation between Kourtney and Kim, which ended with the departure of her older sister Kardashian. Now, Kourtney called KUWTK a toxic environment.

KUWTK: Kourtney Has Grown Exhausted With ‘KUWTK’

From the make-up and break-up footage to the birth with the camera three times, we can understand why Kourtney Kardashian is exhausted with KUWTK. In fact, the 41-year-old described it as entangled in an endless hamster wheel. “I felt like I was on a hamster wheel,” she explained on E!’s In the Room. “I felt like something had to change.”

After last season, Kardashian decided to reassess his life and film less. But that didn’t stop sisters Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian from researching her. “I took less time with filming and, in general, with work,” she told Health Magazine. My sisters don’t like it when I say “setting boundaries”, but it’s more of a program. I’m trying to put energy into things that are fulfilling and enjoyable. I’m trying to put myself at the disposal of my children to really be a mom. And I want to be responsible for my time and program to do the things that bring me happiness.

KUWTK: Inside Kourtney And Kim’s Explosive Fight

For about a year now, Kourtney Kardashian has been openly frustrated by the spotlight. In the premiere of Season 18 of KUWTK, she even revealed that she hated being a celebrity. “I always say one day I want to go away and stay away from everything,” she told Paper Magazine. “Sail away.” No one will ever see me again.” I keep throwing up in different places, but then I go to see her and I say, “No, it’s not that, but I’m glad I came.” We’ve just been to Finland. And I thought: ‘Check, it’s great for me to visit her, but I’m not going to move there’. Maybe Norway. Switzerland? I have a lot of ideas”.

Even though the health advocate seemed happy with her new modified KUWTK filming programme, she exploded when her sister Kim made fun of her work ethic. As a result, the Kardashian older sisters clashed in a shocking fight in which they yelled at each other, slapped, punched and scratched each other until they tore each other’s skin. It was really horrible to see.

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