Sister Wives: Kody and Two Wives Say Good-Bye For Now

Sister Wives: Kody and Two Wives Say Good-Bye For Now

Sister Wives star Kody Brown didn’t say much at the end of Sunday night’s episode while some fans were waiting for his preview next week. But it never came.

Sister Wives didn’t seem to advertise Sunday’s finale for season 14. But it looks like it did. So, it looks like the fans just saw the last episode of the season.

While the TV menus list 16 episodes for this season, Sunday night’s 15th episode came out. There doesn’t seem to be much information offered online when looking for information. Sunday’s episode was not included in the season finale of season 14 of Sister Wives. But that seems to be the case.

Sister Wives: Kody and Two Wives Say Good-Bye For Now

Kody, Christine and Janelle Brown thanked all the viewers of Sister Wives on their social media. Kody posted that he hopes you’ll see them again soon. Does this mean Season 15 isn’t ready yet?

What about that 16th episode that hasn’t materialized this season? Most likely, they meant that episode for the “Tell All” segment. Maybe it didn’t happen because of the home quarantine the nation is voluntarily following.

Could “Tell All” be the 16th episode on the program? It’s listed without the preview that it usually publishes with episodes of Sister Wives.

Anyway, there is still no news regarding the 15th Sister Wives season. Although Kody Brown usually makes its way into the TLC line-up.

When they were canceled after Season 11, Kody Brown made an offer that couldn’t be refused. It wasn’t as gory as The Godfather, but it was a staggering offer, no less.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Wheels and Deals

After Season 11, the ratings did not support TLC specifying primetime for this series. Paying their huge salaries to the Sister Wives five adults could not happen after the ratings refuelled, according to reports.

So instead Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, Robyn Brown and Christine Brown agreed not to take all four salaries. Kody was going to make a deal with the TLC powers that be.

At that time, the five spouses in this marriage plural of Sister Wives each earned $180,000 for a salary. Added together, they were said to make just under a million dollars a season.

After TLC cancelled the Sister Wives, TLC alumni Kody Brown offered to do the entire season for just one of the $180,000 in salary. That means four salaries dropped to one. They did, and apparently the ratings are back up. This boost from Kody has caused the Sisters Wives to keep going up this season.

No news has emerged that says they’re back to their original salaries for the new seasons. But they probably did or maybe even earned more than they did in 2011. After the cancellation, the show seemed to continue throughout season 14 without any problems.

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