Sister Wives: Kody and Two Wives Say Good-Bye For Now

Sister Wives: Kody and Two Wives Say Good-Bye For Now

Sister Wives star Kody Brown didn’t say much at the end of Sunday night’s episode while some fans were waiting for his preview next week. But it never came.

Sister Wives didn’t seem to advertise Sunday’s finale for season 14. But it looks like it did. So, it looks like the fans just saw the last episode of the season.

While the TV menus list 16 episodes for this season, Sunday night’s 15th episode came out. There doesn’t seem to be much information offered online when looking for information. Sunday’s episode was not included in the season finale of season 14 of Sister Wives. But that seems to be the case.

Sister Wives: Kody and Two Wives Say Good-Bye For Now

Kody, Christine and Janelle Brown thanked all the viewers of Sister Wives on their social media. Kody posted that he hopes you’ll see them again soon. Does this mean Season 15 isn’t ready yet?

What about that 16th episode that hasn’t materialized this season? Most likely, they meant that episode for the “Tell All” segment. Maybe it didn’t happen because of the home quarantine the nation is voluntarily following.

Could “Tell All” be the 16th episode on the program? It’s listed without the preview that it usually publishes with episodes of Sister Wives.

Anyway, there is still no news regarding the 15th Sister Wives season. Although Kody Brown usually makes its way into the TLC line-up.

When they were canceled after Season 11, Kody Brown made an offer that couldn’t be refused. It wasn’t as gory as The Godfather, but it was a staggering offer, no less.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Wheels and Deals

After Season 11, the ratings did not support TLC specifying primetime for this series. Paying their huge salaries to the Sister Wives five adults could not happen after the ratings refuelled, according to reports.

So instead Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, Robyn Brown and Christine Brown agreed not to take all four salaries. Kody was going to make a deal with the TLC powers that be.

At that time, the five spouses in this marriage plural of Sister Wives each earned $180,000 for a salary. Added together, they were said to make just under a million dollars a season.

After TLC cancelled the Sister Wives, TLC alumni Kody Brown offered to do the entire season for just one of the $180,000 in salary. That means four salaries dropped to one. They did, and apparently the ratings are back up. This boost from Kody has caused the Sisters Wives to keep going up this season.

No news has emerged that says they’re back to their original salaries for the new seasons. But they probably did or maybe even earned more than they did in 2011. After the cancellation, the show seemed to continue throughout season 14 without any problems.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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  1. They quit while they ahead. Doesn’t have the same spark it did in previous years. Good Luck Brown family

  2. If the tell all was the same production company that did the other tell alls for TLC, they didn’t renew the contracts. 90 Day didn’t have any either.

    But as for the Sister Wives. Good riddance to poor trash. I know all I need to know about polygamy. There isn’t anything new to show us. We’ve watched the whole process. Let it go. I don’t care to keep watching until Kody dies to see what happens, if any of his concubines are still living.

  3. Same humdrum. Kody wants Robin and it’s sad watching the other 3 wives trying to get his attention. Not interesting enough to keep coming back to week after week.

  4. This show is so boring! Four of the stupidest women. Fighting for a little attention. Let these Embasiles get real jobs. Let’s see if they keep those huge homes! None of those greedy women need homes that big. I really hope this ridiculous circus is over. Our young people do not need to be influenced by these Embasiles. They are frauds. NONE of them truly live the Poligamist life style. None go to church to pray. The only thing they pray is money! The root of all evil! Cody and Robin are pure evil! Good Riddance! Bye, Bye you won’t be missed 🙄👹

  5. I’ve watched Sister Wives since the beginning and I’m done with Kody and the way he treats and talks to his wives. He’s a real jerk. He forced everyone to move from Las Vegas where everyone was happy and loved their homes and no matter what they said he didn’t care. Everyone needs to move on and get a real life. All he cares about is Robyn so let him go.
    But get the land sold and split the money don’t let him have it all. He and Robyn have enough

  6. So sad to see the 3 other wives looking pathetic trying to vie for that prats attention, when he clearly is only interested in Robyn. Meri should just pack up and leave for the b&b in parawan. Find a man who loves & deserves her and wants only HER. Why have they all got such low self esteem ? They should all want to be with a man who loves & cherishes them and doesn’t want or need to be with anyone else, let alone 3 other women!! Kody Brown is just a narcissistic idiotic player, and hides behind the polygomist ‘religion’ as a way of getting his cake & eating it!! And soon, when he’s bored with Robyn, he will be on the prowl for a younger, even stupider, wifey N0. 5! Come on ladies, find some self respect and the happiness you all deserve!

  7. Started out watching because of curiosity. Kept watching out of some interest in the family. As the years have gone by I have developed a serious distain for Kody. He said in last episode that he couldn’t be Meri’s “Jesus”. He has a “Savior” complex for sure. Extremely haughty and not a humble bone in his body. Very condescending man. And a refusal to assume responsibility for any of the stupid or hurtful things he has done or said. I would be happy to hear that Meri finally pulled out of this family and took away Kodys power to be do dismissive and insulting to her. He has shown a total lack of appreciation or even kindness to her for the sacrifice and love she showed to Robyn’s kids and the rest of the entire family by giving divorce so adoption could take place. Unforgivable! Then kick her to the curb in so many ways. Meri has issues like alot of people do….even the perfect Kody, but to be treated like she has been makes it understandable. Only 1 child while watching other wives popping children out thru no fault of her own would be so painful in so many ways too. No consideration for how that would be for her. I can’t stand to watch anymore of this show as long as it involves Kodys selfishness and mistreatment of his wives. They all get to stand by and watch his ROMANCE AND DEVOTION to Robyn and get a few scraps that are left over. What a joke!

  8. Kody is a horrible example of a husband overall human being! TLC needs to dump him..I feel bad for Meri, shes getting treated like dirt and hope she leaves him. Christine and Janelle just keep ogling and agreeing w Kody and good luck! Robyn he is manipulative and soon you too will be a memory!. Drop the show

  9. They tend to beat everything into the ground catfish went on for a couple of years tired of that now it’s buying a house and rental houses that went on through the whole season. And as far as the situation with Mary we all know that that fellow part when he divorced her and married Robin even though it was mary’s idea.

  10. Time for Sister Wife’s to take a bow and say farewell.
    Nothing ever changes, except for it’s become very apparent how controlling
    Kody is. None of the wives look happy.
    Even his prize Robin seems fed up.

  11. I think enough is enough . It’s the same ole same ole . Who cares . Let’s find something too keep our interest on this channel. This certainly doesn’t.

  12. You could barely call it Polygamy, none of the wives want to live together ( except Janelle who will tag along so she dosen’t have to put any effort in to thinking for hersrlf)
    They’re scattered in houses all over the place, and have been for a while. Kody himself admitted that he “liked” having that bit of distance between houses and wives so he could “cleanse” himself of the “negative” energy before he “arrives ” at the next wife.
    So they’re not polygamists……Kody is a wanker with a big ego , ONE wife and 3 other beds that are kept warm for him “just in case”.

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