Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff And Matt Roloff Technically Still Co-own Roloff Farms

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff And Matt Roloff Technically Still Co-own Roloff Farms

Season 20 of Little People, Big World shows Amy Roloff finally taking the big step off of Roloff Farms. She’s been living on farm property with her ex-husband Matt Roloff for 30 years.

But years after their divorce, she finally decided it was time for her to take a leap of faith in a new direction in life. Fortunately, she has her boyfriend, Chris Marek, to help her along the way.

Amy Roloff’s always talking about his big move on her Instagram. But we see the ups and downs in the show – and it’s clear she had a lot of work to do for the house before she could call it home. Here’s what she said about her not being as “accommodating” as Roloff Farms.

Little People, Big World: Amy Roloff And Matt Roloff Technically Still Co-own Roloff Farms

It’s been a confusing journey for LPBW fans when it comes to Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff’s divorce. Last season we saw Amy Roloff make the important decision to leave Roloff Farms and find her own place. And since then, she’s done just that with the help of Marek, who’s a real estate agent. Amy’s new place is now only 15 minutes away from the farm property.

So, with Amy Roloff off the farm, a lot of people thought that meant Matt Roloff was the sole owner of Roloff Farms now. But it looks like there’s still a lot of legal issues to resolve.

“I don’t own everything,” Matt Roloff explained to an Instagram follower about the farm. “Amy and I are still co-owners of the north side.”. I only own the land on the south side. I hope this helps. I know it’s confusing.” Matt Roloff then made it clear that “Amy didn’t have to move. She chose to move. Amy could have stayed on the farm if she wanted to.”

The move wasn’t an easy process for Amy Roloff, but she kept her Instagram followers informed the whole time. She told Instagram how much she will miss her home on the farm, where she spent most of her adult life and where she raised her children. But it’s better for her to keep moving. And now, she’s almost done with the move.

“I’m thrilled to see some light at the end of this long journey of moving, purging, packing, and moving into my new home. Woohoo!” Amy Roloff wrote on Instagram. “Sometimes I don’t know whether to jump up and yell ‘Hooray’ or cry. I know I feel relieved. … So I see the light at the end of this tunnel and I think I’ll make my end date – end of February. Yippee!”

Matt Roloff said on Little People, Big World that he thought Amy Roloff would take a long time to move out, though. “Amy Roloff isn’t known for quick decisions, so she lost a couple she wanted,” Matt Roloff told the TLC cameras. “She could buy a place and it could be another two years before she moves her stuff in.” So that’s what I’m assuming will happen.”

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