Little People, Big World: Rumors Have Swirled That Audrey And Jacob Do Not Get Along.

Little People, Big World: Rumors Have Swirled That Audrey And Jacob Do Not Get Along.

There was a time when Little People, Big World brought a smile to people’s faces. It was a happy show with a happy family. Unfortunately, now it’s a show full of drama and baggage. There are clear divisions in the family.

For example, Matt and Amy Roloff are no longer together. Amy Roloff has left the farm. Also, most of their children have no interest in the spotlight. Is it possible to continue the show with such sharp divisions between families?

As most Little People, Big World fans would agree, however, the most dramatic release was Jacob Roloff. After he chose to leave the show, he had nothing great to say about it. He insisted that the show did a terrible job of showing the reality of their family.

And now what? Looks like Jacob Roloff took a break from the TLC explosion. Instead, he set his sights on his sister-in-law. But what exactly did Audrey Roloff do to him? Keep reading to find out!

Little People, Big World: Rumors Have Swirled That Audrey And Jacob Do Not Get Along.

The fact that Jacob and Audrey Roloff don’t get along is not a new topic. It’s something TLC fans have long suspected. Based on their latest activity on Instagram, however, this may have been more than a rumor. The two don’t seem to have much love for each other.

Earlier this month, Jacob Roloff called his family. He tweeted that he was “embarrassed” to be related to people who would vote for Trump.

Now, as those who follow Jacob Roloff on Twitter know, he has been very active in the Black Lives Matter movement. Jacob was never afraid to say what he thinks. He cares little about what other people think about his personal beliefs. Also, he doesn’t share the same opinions as his family. And he wants nothing to do with the TLC series.

Technically, Jacob Roloff hasn’t called anyone in particular with Trump’s tweet. But, a lot of people think he targeted Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. The couple often warm up to their conservative views on social media. Did they have a position on the black lives movement? Audrey showed support for the movement on Instagram. So why is Jacob so upset?

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist


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