Little People, Big World: Matt Slams The Fans On Instagram

Little People, Big World: Matt Slams The Fans On Instagram

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement, waking reality star Matt Roloff went to Instagram to share some quotes. He also claimed it was all “in” to “do better”. While sharing a post in support of the movement, some fans threw it in his face for being privileged in the comments. Well, that offended the TLC star and quickly fired at them. Let’s take a look at what happened.

Matt Roloff posted a quote on Instagram in response to the ongoing protests against racism. It read, “Practice gentleness, seek the truth, renounce anger, do not slander, and have compassion for all beings. He also added in the caption reminding people that “we live in times of opportunity to do better.I’m in!

What appeared to be a positive post did not go well with her fans. Some of them didn’t seem to like Roloff’s step in supporting the movement.

Little People, Big World: Matt Slams The Fans On Instagram

Although Matt Roloff received a lot of praise for his place, there was one who was not impressed. He pointed out, “Careful, Matt, your white privilege is showing.” Roloff took note and shot the user. He told the user that “this is probably the most uninformed thing you can say to another human of short stature”. He also explained that the little ones have no privileges.

In fact, they have to fight for every inch they have. Matt Roloff also added that the small community has to go through a whirlwind of struggles, including bullying, discrimination, teasing, unemployment. “Shame!” Matt said, signing.

Many fans supported Roloff for his response. They agreed that the commentator shared a rather rude point of view. However, there was yet another fan who called Matt Roloff for not making his views clear. He accused Roloff of “not wanting to shake the boat with your basic conservative audience”. The fan said he was disappointed in the Roloff family, except for Matt’s son, Jacob.

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