LPBW: Fans Revive questions About Tori Roloff ’s Education

LPBW: Fans Revive questions About Tori Roloff ’s Education

Little People, Big World fans know that Tori Roloff now moves easily to Roloff Farm in Oregon. The reality TV star is very grateful for her lifestyle, especially during COVID-19. She told fans on Instagram, “I realized how lucky I am. In these crazy times of uncertainty, it really slowed me down and made me appreciate every moment of every day. Now, she took a trip to Washington State University. She remembered her year there as the “hardest” in her life.

LPBW: Fans Revive questions About Tori Roloff ’s Education

Most fans of the TLC show know that Tori Roloff worked as a kindergarten teacher. Good Housekeeping noted that Tori “quit her job as a… teacher before giving birth to Jackson.” Now fans know she attended a year at WSU, some of them wondering where she completed her education. One fan asked, “Where did he finish school?” Actually, more than one fan asked the same question, but Tori never answered.

Others, who also attended WSU, wondered if they were at the same time. One Little People, Big World fan wrote, “Cool that you went to WSU! I probably went at the same time as you did 2009-2013”. But other fans understand Tori’s fond memories as she revisited the place with her family. One person commented: “Technically I didn’t go, but I did drive there almost every weekend for the holidays. Bus is definitely a unique place for a college”. I have wonderful memories of parties and football games”.

Little People, Big World Star Tori Shares A Photo Taken At Washington State University

The photo that Tori Roloff shared on Instagram this Friday is not old. After all, the photo has little Lilah in it, along with Jackson. In her long post, The Little People, Big World star, explained that she is attending college for a year. But memories make her feel conflicted. She described it as “probably the hardest year of my life.” Tori explained that for the first time she lived without her family. Plus, she felt “pretty trapped and overwhelmed.”

Apparently, someone “dumped” her there, too. But, for the Little People, Big World mom, she felt she learned a lot at WSU too. But the mind is a strange thing sometimes. Tori described how going there with her family brought back her happiest memories. Now she remembers “sports, parties, and… and friends.” Tori feels that taking her family with her has helped make “everything” seem better. Then, she gave ice cream credit for helping her mentality, too. One fan was really hoping to eat “Tillamook’s ice cream.”

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