Little People Big World: Jacob Had A Rumored Falling Out With Jeremy And Audrey

Little People, Big World: Jacob Had A Rumored Falling Out With Jeremy And Audrey

While many fans used to think of the Roloffs of Little People Big World as one big, happy family, that’s not the case. Jacob Roloff, the black sheep and youngest of Matt and Amy Roloff’s children, left filming years ago after judging the show through Instagram. Since then, he also has the rumor that he broke up with his brother, Jeremy Roloff, and Jeremy’s wife, Audrey Roloff.

It seems that Jacob also gives Jeremy Roloff a light punch with his Instagram Story. This is what the fans noticed about Jacob’s Story over his van.

Little People, Big World: Jacob Had A Rumored Falling Out With Jeremy And Audrey

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to the Roloffs. Jacob Roloff is certainly the most controversial, as he has publicly condemned his family members in the past. And even though he and Jeremy have never had a serious public feud, there are many rumors that suggest the two of them don’t get along.

Those who follow Jeremy and Audrey Roloff know they have an alliance, a marriage based on faith, and have written books and blogs about having a closer relationship with God. Jacob has denounced Christianity in the past, though. “Christians as I have experienced them have taken on a real and damaging sense of superiority over all other belief systems,” he wrote on his personal blog – and he may well have talked about Jeremy and Audrey.

More recently, it seems that Jacob called Audrey Roloff via his Instagram on a video she posted in support of Black Lives Matter. He called the video “police propaganda” and a bad example of how to support the important movement. Audrey Roloff then noticed that she was “weathering a storm of shame” on her Instagram Story afterwards.

Little People, Big World: Audrey And Jeremy Roloff Started Repairing Their Old Van

Jacob and his wife, Isabel Rock, travel and live outside their van. Amy even published an article about Jacob’s free “van life” and how the young couple are always on the road. And it looks like Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are taking note of Jacob’s book this time, as they are also restoring an old van they had when they started dating.

“If you know the story, it was this VW (Blue Moon) bus that we sat on just moments before our shoe launch mission and moments after we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We drove around with her everywhere in the summer of 2011 while we were falling in love,” Audrey titled her Instagram post showing Jeremy sitting in the van with their two kids.

She then explained that Jeremy Roloff sold the van, Blue Moon, to help with an advance on their apartment in Los Angeles. And six years later, the guy Jeremy sold it to wanted to sell it back. Now Blue Moon is back where it belongs.

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