Little People, Big World: Amy From ‘LPBW’ İs No Stranger To Fan Criticism

Little People, Big World: Amy From ‘LPBW’ İs No Stranger To Fan Criticism

Amy Roloff from LPBW has attained quite a following over the years. While starting the show married to Matt Roloff, a lot has changed since then. She is now engaged to a new man, Chris Marek, and is sharing her new home, favorite cooking recipes and life updates with her Instagram followers.

Amy Roloff is a big fan of cooking, as she also has her own food business. But a recent video showing her talent is upsetting many of her fans.

Little People, Big World: Amy From ‘LPBW’ İs No Stranger To Fan Criticism

Reality stars certainly need to develop a thick skin, as they are criticized left and right for their decisions. Although Amy Roloff has a big heart and her intentions are always good, she too has had a number of setbacks over the years. Many fans have really judged Amy on how she handled her divorce from Matt Roloff.

In Amy’s memoir, A Little Me, she wrote about Matt’s inappropriate romantic intentions she was pursuing with farm manager Caryn Chandler. “I saw messages, pictures and other things that should not have been shared between people who just worked together and were still married to other people. I was devastated,” Amy Roloff wrote in her book. While she was telling her truth, many did not approve of her throwing her ex under a bus.

“Amy, you shouldn’t have thrown the father of your children into the world,” one of her followers told her via Instagram. “This is a private matter that should certainly have been discussed within the family.”

While Amy Roloff tries to spread a little joy to her followers with her content, not everyone is happy. In her video, she repeatedly licks her fingers after eating the food she prepares – and her followers summon her.

“I just wish Amy wouldn’t constantly lick her fingers when she’s dealing with food and then touch everything around her,” one fan said. “Especially in the situation we’re in right now with COVID-19.”

Another wrote: “But she licks her fingers and chews and talks to food in her pie hole all the time. Watch the old episodes, eat, chew and talk.” Another one reprimanded: “Don’t lick your fingers!

A follower then wrote, “Amy, please stop licking your fingers and don’t wash before you touch anything.” Know that this is a habit we all have, but please not on a video that everyone sees.”

Written by Meghan Mentell

TV writer
Canadian journalist


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