Little People, Big World: Matt Wants Amy to Move On

Little People, Big World: Matt Wants Amy to Move On

Little People, Big World’s Matt Roloff lets go of his feelings about Amy Roloff. And Matt Roloff’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, also has a few things to say about the situation.

Little People, Big World: Matt Wants Amy to Move On

In the latest spoilers for the TLC show Matt Roloff is not enthusiastic about Amy Roloff’s stay on the farm. Despite the fact that she has already bought a house, she still lingers. Little People, Big World star Matt said that Amy Roloff has trouble letting go.

Fans of the show know that Matt Roloff also has trouble letting go. But his trouble letting go is of random things he owns. He’s a bit of a pack man, according to his girlfriend, Caryn. But things aren’t going so well in the first episode of the 21st season.

Amy Roloff stays in the house. But Matt Roloff calls her to get out and move to her new house. He asked her why she didn’t want to go, and wasn’t excited to move to her new house – and have her life with her finances Chris Marek.

In the Little People, Big World spoiler, Amy Roloff closes the door of the farm. Everything is out of place, and Amy Roloff said it’s someone else to make memories in now. After raising her kids there and having all those beautiful memories, it does look hard for Amy to let go.

Once she got out of the farm, it looks like she was doing a lot better. Instead of facing her ex-husband and his girlfriend, she can move on with her life. Before she moved out, she and Matt Roloff were fighting all the time.

In fact, Caryn Chandler said she felt like Matt and his ex-wife Amy Roloff were still married. As much as they fight and fuss in this Little People, Big World teaser, it does look like they are still married, but unhappy.

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  1. I am also having a hard time watching Amy carry on its really getting old move on before a Chris dumps you which I would not blame him.

  2. Amy needs to move on with her life and accept what happened. She comes across now days as a nasty person at the expense of Matt and Caryn. Take Matt’s behavior and act like that

  3. I am on Amy’s side here. Unless you have walked a mile in her shoes, you do not understand what it’s like to give up the only life you have had because it was taken from you. Her fears are real. And she worries what else may be taken from her. I wonder if the role reversible were turned, if Matt would be so quick to leave the farm. Give Amy a break folks. She deserves it!

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