Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Margaret and Teresa Giudice Are Not on Speaking Terms

Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Margaret and Teresa Giudice Are Not on Speaking Terms

RHONJ’s upcoming 12th season is set to be one of the most dramatic yet. A lot of changes are happening in New Jersey. The drama is so tense that even the women are getting nervous, especially when it comes to OG Teresa Giudice.

There’s nothing better in a true-life movie than a lot of drama. That said, a lot of drama is what Real Housewives of New Jersey fans had better prepare themselves for when the 12th season of the Bravo hit premieres in early 2022. According to, the two Jersey women, who have been longtime friends, are no longer talking to each other at all!

Real Housewives Of New Jersey: Margaret and Teresa Giudice Are Not on Speaking Terms

This new dynamic makes everyone in the studio nervous. Jen Aydin says season 12 is “very, very bad!”.

While the other women are trying to keep quiet about the upcoming drama, fans seem to be speculating which two women are no longer friends. They are Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs. Fans know that Margaret and Teresa Giudice have been at each other for a while. However, it seems that over the summer things went awry and Giudice unfollowed Joseph on social media.

It seems that Teresa is fed up with Margaret Josephs talking rubbish about her relationship and has decided to cut Margaret Josephs out of her life. Well, as much as she can cut her out, considering they work together. Margaret Josephs has no problem talking about the status of her current relationship with Giudice. Joseph reveals in a recent interview that he is NOT in talks with Teresa Giudice.

The two Jersey women have had their disagreements in the past and have managed to overcome them, but this time things seem to be very different. This feud between the two women looks set to go on for some time, if not indefinitely. One thing they don’t want to do is talk dirty about Teresa’s husband Louis. She gets fiercely defensive. Tre has even hinted that when his wedding day arrives, there will be certain New Jersey women who will not be present.

Teresa Giudice has received a lot of abuse from her social media followers. Over the past couple of weeks, Tre has been slandered about her clothes, her recent cosmetic procedures, her children and more. She’s had enough now. Giudice has hit back on social media, telling trolls and haters to leave her alone.

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