’Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Have a New Business Venture?

’Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Have a New Business Venture?

Sister Wives fans appreciate Christine Brown’s sales tactics. She has marketed the plexus business so well that no one would have imagined. In fact, many people supported the diss queen’s lifestyle choice and accepted that Kody’s ex-wife is a great salesperson. So, is Christine Brown stepping forward to open her own boutique?

’Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Have a New Business Venture?

Since Christine Brown left her spiritual partner Kody Brown, she has been enjoying the benefits of freedom. The reality star has managed to escape a toxic relationship and become the best version of herself. It was not an easy choice at first. But, with her children and best friend Janelle by her side, the 50-year-old has managed to come a long way.

In fact, Janelle pushed her best friend to try LulaRoe and start selling plexus drinks. Thus, Christine Brown quickly became the top salesperson and fans also appreciated her skills. Similarly, in a Tik-Tik video, Paedon Brown filmed her mother selling clothes.

Christine Brown had several outfits lying around. And she kept describing each outfit for her Facebook page. It appeared to some viewers that the Sister Wives star had her own boutique. This was because she had several outfits around. In fact, the TLC audience was intrigued by the idea and had to store at Christine’s clothing stores. And if you look at the celebrity’s way of dressing, you can see that it has improved a lot over the years. So it is no wonder that fans love Christine’s unique collection.

It turns out that Christine Brown doesn’t have a boutique. However, a fan suggested that Paedon’s mother should open her own clothing shop, as it would be a great benefit to her.

Many other fans agreed with the former’s comment and pointed out that the 50-year-old should go along with the idea. Well, it’s up to the star to decide if he wants to become an entrepreneur. Christine is doing great right now and even Kody Brown seems to miss her.

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