Sister Wives: Is Robyn The Invisible Wife In The Budget?

Sister Wives: Is Robyn The Invisible Wife In The Budget?

Sister Wives‘ celeb Robyn Brown is nowhere to be seen online while her three fellow wives are scrambling to raise money to help the family. Kody Brown made no secret that they have a money flow dilemma, both on the Sister Wives show and during the interviews.

Sister Wives: Is Robyn The Invisible Wife In The Budget?

Recently three of Kody Brown’s four wives have created a new sales round aimed at their fans. But Robyn Brown is the only wife who has not approached the followers of Sister Wives to try to make a sale. In fact, Robyn has been silent on social media for some time.

Aside from seeing Robyn Brown last season, she’s invisible to fans most of the time. The latest fundraiser was made by Meri Brown. Now she sells used clothes to fans of the Sister Wives. While Meri sells a certain brand of clothes, the items are usually new.

She started selling clothes she used to have on her back. Meri Brown sold these used clothes to her followers during her latest live sales program.

But the Sister Wives’ customers receive more secondhand merchandise. In addition, Meri also offered a few pieces of history with each item sold. She listed the time and place where she last wore the clothes.

Brown’s first wife has introduced potential buyers to some history of used clothing. For example, she’s showing a picture with a shirt she’s selling. Or tell the episode of Sister Wives wearing that blouse. Then, he offers the slightly worn top for sale.

That extra little story that goes along with the clothing can attract more sales. Meri’s creative sales tactics come in the wake of Janelle Brown selling Cameos to all her followers.

Janelle Brown announced her new job this week on her social channels. But even before that, another wife was at work. And it wasn’t Robyn Brown. Instead of Robyn, it was Christine.

Christine Brown screamed to her fans. She let them know that they’re helping pay for her daughter’s surgery for every sale she makes.

Christine said she needs $50,000 for a “down payment” on the surgery. Apparently it’s a co-payment because she said $50,000 is what she owes after the insurance company paid their share.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. I hardly doubt Robin’s the unseen wife .this has become a battle of witts between them all .they need 50,000 lol well then they should of saved that from all the money they made from the show .we all need they have had it good .. the wives act spoiled , entitled and very jealous of one another . Meri is as manipulative as they come with robin running a very close second runner up .. poor them sorry I just dont feel sorry for them. They just follow kodi and run into trouble get real they now him and they choose to go . Take accountability girls go get a job robin .. help the family theyve helped you .. pitch in help kodi and get yourselves on track together . Quit complaining .

  2. Meri already left the cult clan and we all know it they are just milking it until next season when it will all be revealed..

  3. We don’t ever see Kody working a real job. While all of us other people work hard and live within our incomes we work hard for, they live in huge and very expensive homes with decor that you know is costly. So boohoo I’m so sick of their made up sob stories
    They made this mess now they need to clean it up and stop expecting everyone else to pay the debt they created

  4. Such bs these people have real estate that is worth almost 2 MILLION! They cry poverty. They do not need help paying for the kids surgery. They can sell and downsize one of their million dollar homes.

  5. Brown makes $25,000-$40,000 for every episode 22 episodes in a season has $550,000 at 25,000 maybe if they took less vacations they wouldn’t be in such a hard situation sorry to say I work my Hiney off allows the disability check with only $438 a month after my insurance comes out and I’m only allowed to make $1900 a month without it interfering with my 438 which I need for insurance I graduated university of Michigan with the hydraulics pneumatics engineering degree nobody Ohio me because I am a workers comp case waiting to happen with my injury that I received on my job in 1995 I’m a hard-working individual that has been waiting six weeks for a background check from AutoZone not to vent on my end but I think they have it pretty good on there’s sell some of your newer cars and buy a beater with the heater like the rest of us had to do sometimes you have to make tough decisions and buy the on sale shoes from Kohl’s the $39 Nike’s instead of some of the sandals they run around the show with that run Cody‘s sandals for 175 bucks they need to manage their money a little better 18 kids to weddings in their last season and you mean to tell me they’re having a hard time we as fans should not have to donate to them We’re grown adults go find a job quit working out of your house trying to say you own a business Robin selling her over priced jewelry Can go on forever but they’re probably planning a vacation for a week and a half summer right now but I haven’t had one in nine years

  6. “Robyn” and “Invisible” do not belong in the same sentence. She is a sniveling, blubbering, phony mess of a woman who quite frankly should be deeply ashamed of herself. Meri seems to be the only one in the group with any brains. No wonder her daughter is so smart. The rest are as dim as their mothers. And for the record when I lived in Las Vegas (while they all still lived there) I witnessed Kody being both physically and verbally abusive to Christine and a few of their kids. He’s a horrible man.

  7. I like watching Sister Wives. It’s not that I agree with their life style; it’s the struggles that they face with family, finances, and the community they live in.

    I do believe that if this family truly wanted to build houses on their property, they would live simpler. A smaller cheaper rent house would be a great way to save money.

    It’s great that many of the wives have created ways to raise money to help their family. Just because Robin doesn’t chose to do her part in the open doesn’t mean she doesn’t add to the family financially. I’m sure she is doing her part.

    As for Cody, I can’t seem to have sympathy for him no matter how Much I try. It’s great the way the wives stand up to him in support of each other. Christine and Janelle seem like they carry a chip on their shoulders. Nothing Mary does pleases them. They are so different from Mary and Robin it’s no wonder they are in constant conflict.

    Being the first sister wife, Mary feels that she
    Is carrying the entire family on her shoulders. She gets criticized from Christine, Janelle, and most of all, from Cody.

    Cody is the most self important character on this show. He constantly condemns Mary. Why she doesn’t stand up to him I don’t know. He is self serving, sneaky, and manipulative. Mary needs to be more vocal and let us hear her tell Cody off. She is the only submissive wife in this love in.

    I just don’t get it!

  8. The Brown family may have cash flow problems but not money problems. In OK the state provides Sooner Care ins. For children whose parents make below a certain income, and especially for single parent households which Christine’s household should be designated as can get this ins. for their kids. I’m sure others states provide this as well. But what responsible parent doesn’t have ins. For their kid D’s? Makes me think that I’m way off thinking they are a good, happy responsrible family.

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