Sister Wives: Is Robyn The Invisible Wife In The Budget?

Sister Wives: Is Robyn The Invisible Wife In The Budget?

Sister Wives’ celeb Robyn Brown is nowhere to be seen online while her three fellow wives are scrambling to raise money to help the family. Kody Brown made no secret that they have a money flow dilemma, both on the Sister Wives show and during the interviews.

Sister Wives: Is Robyn The Invisible Wife In The Budget?

Recently three of Kody Brown’s four wives have created a new sales round aimed at their fans. But Robyn Brown is the only wife who has not approached the followers of Sister Wives to try to make a sale. In fact, Robyn has been silent on social media for some time.

Aside from seeing Robyn Brown last season, she’s invisible to fans most of the time. The latest fundraiser was made by Meri Brown. Now she sells used clothes to fans of the Sister Wives. While Meri sells a certain brand of clothes, the items are usually new.

She started selling clothes she used to have on her back. Meri Brown sold these used clothes to her followers during her latest live sales program.

But the Sister Wives’ customers receive more secondhand merchandise. In addition, Meri also offered a few pieces of history with each item sold. She listed the time and place where she last wore the clothes.

Brown’s first wife has introduced potential buyers to some history of used clothing. For example, she’s showing a picture with a shirt she’s selling. Or tell the episode of Sister Wives wearing that blouse. Then, he offers the slightly worn top for sale.

That extra little story that goes along with the clothing can attract more sales. Meri’s creative sales tactics come in the wake of Janelle Brown selling Cameos to all her followers.

Janelle Brown announced her new job this week on her social channels. But even before that, another wife was at work. And it wasn’t Robyn Brown. Instead of Robyn, it was Christine.

Christine Brown screamed to her fans. She let them know that they’re helping pay for her daughter’s surgery for every sale she makes.

Christine said she needs $50,000 for a “down payment” on the surgery. Apparently it’s a co-payment because she said $50,000 is what she owes after the insurance company paid their share.

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