Sister Wives: Kody Started This Culture

Sister Wives: Kody Started This Culture

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has several adult children who grew up with the camera that follows their personal life and that of their family. So, it must seem natural to convey the problems of the family through a public place, such as social media.

Sister Wives: Kody Started This Culture

Kody Brown’s family airs a lot of his dirty laundry in public. The children of the Sister Wives grew up in this culture once Kody Brown signed up for the TLC reality show. So, it’s obvious that the kids don’t hesitate to share their personal lives with the fans.

But this recent battle between two of the adult sons of the Sister Wives clan seems to have a knock-on effect. Some parts seem to be forming when it comes to one of the moms. The foundation for this recent incident began last month with Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s only daughter. Mariah Brown threatened those who love her.

She vowed to cut herself out of the lives of anyone who voted for the presidential candidate she’s against. This seemed to include members of her Sister Wives’ family.

Sister Wives: Paedon ‘Can’t Stand’ Half-Sister Mariah

This has shocked many Sister Wives fans because Mariah Brown firmly supports the right of all people to live and think as they wish. Yet, Kody Brown’s daughter is ready to cut ties with anyone who tends to vote for a candidate she doesn’t like.

This week, Mariah’s half-brother, Paedon Brown, published his views on what is happening in the world. Paedon is the son of Christine Brown and Kody Brown, the mother of Sister Wife.

One of the comments Paedon Brown received from that post was a suggestion to have a conversation with his sister Mariah. This is because it seems that these two sister wives brothers and sisters have a polarizing vision.

But it was not their opinion that ultimately led the followers of the Sisters Women to drop their jaws over the online world. It was what came next. Paedon Brown responded to the remark suggesting he had a conversation with Mariah Brown. Kody’s 21-year-old son wrote on social media that he loves his sister Mariah “very much. But he also said that they “can’t stand each other.

It was not Mariah Brown who reacted to her sister-wife brother, but the woman she engaged to Audrey Kriss. Now more personal things are being revealed. Audrey reminds Paedon that a few weeks ago he called Mariah crying. At the time, he thought they couldn’t stand each other. Now everyone wants to know why Paedon cried on the phone with his sister.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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