Sister Wives: One Busy Lady

Sister Wives: One Busy Lady

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown recently did something out of the ordinary after taking stock of all the things she missed. It seems that Kody Brown’s second wife is tired of scaring back wherever a bathing suit is needed. So, Janelle Brown said she spent enough time getting lost and took the bull by the horns this summer.

Sister Wives: Swimsuit Now Part Of Janelle’s Wardrobe

In this case, the bull that Janelle Brown takes by the horns is her tendency to avoid places. Like the beach or swimming pools where you need a swimsuit. So, the grandmother of two twin wives decided to join the swimsuit scene.

Looks like Janelle Brown put that swimsuit to good use recently. She visited Maddie Brown Brush, her husband, and children in North Carolina. The mother of the Sister Wives went to the beach with her children and grandchildren.

Janelle Brown had Gabe Brown with her on this trip. Since the Sister Wives’ mom’s affair, he’s been great with her grandson, Axel Brush. Janelle Brown posted some pictures of this trip along with her declaration of freedom. This is her freedom from the insecurities that used to keep her off the beach.

Sister Wives: One Busy Lady

In addition to transforming herself from her shyness, Janelle has recently committed herself to helping the finances of the Sister Wives tribe. It’s no secret that Kody Brown continues to insist on the family’s finances.

It seems that three of Kody’s four wives became creative as they tried to help. The three wives, including Janelle Brown, found a way to bring in a little extra cash for the family. Looks like the only wife who hasn’t come forward to help their sister wives so far is Robyn Brown.

Meri Brown decided to sell some slightly used clothes to her fans. With each garment comes the story of where the matriarch of the Sister Wives wore the dress. Maybe it shows up on Meri in a social media post. Or Meri was wearing it in a scene from the TLC reality show. Wherever she last wore it for the sale, she fills it. This seems to appeal to stunned fan sales.

Christine Brown’s got her sales pitch up too. She organized a live sales event for her followers. Christine told her clients how the family is trying to get $50,000 for her daughter’s intervention.

So the Sister Wives’ third wife told those potential clients how they can help. Looks like the more they buy, the more they help her raise that money. It’s like Kody Brown has three soldiers fighting the consequences of some past mistakes.

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