Sister Wives: Christine Brown More Outspoken Than Her Sister Wives?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown More Outspoken Than Her Sister Wives?

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown puts a hat on Truely Brown and takes a picture to thank whoever sent this gift to her daughter. This is not the first post of Kody Brown’s third wife thanking a follower for a gift. Now it seems that while this continues, she reaches a sour note with some fans.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown More Outspoken Than Her Sister Wives?

It seems that the financial problems plaguing the Sister Wives clan continue to increase. Maybe that’s why the fans keep sending gifts to the children? It’s not known if the other members of the Sister Wives’ family receive gifts from the fans. But if they do, they seem to keep it to themselves.

Christine is probably the most outspoken of all the Sister Wives. Before TLC could announce the renewal of the series for the last few seasons, Christine Brown or one of her children actually confirmed the shoot.

Unlike Meri Brown, who seems to proceed with caution when talking about anything in life, Christine Brown has a tendency to spill everything. Meri seems to speak in riddles, or cryptic messages as some fans call them. She plays it safe, letting the fans hire, but never naming names. But Christine doesn’t seem to think about what she’s about to publish.

Sister Wives: The Gifts Keep Coming

Some fans of the Sister Wives think that Christine’s “thank you” to the fans who sent gifts, promote even more gifts to her home. So how do fans know Christine Brown’s address?

The address is in the public records for properties owned by the adult Sister Wives. Also, fans who buy her stuff online probably get her address as the return address on the package.

In any case, the flood gates opened after this last gift came out with a thank you from Christine Brown online. This is July, but she had Truely in her winter hat for the thank you post.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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