Sister Wives: Janelle Admits Getting Jealous

Sister Wives: Janelle Admits Getting Jealous

Over the course of 15 seasons, fans of Sister Wives have seen the Brown family struggle. Most of the time, the plural family dealt with jealousy. But fans have wondered why, through the years, Kody Brown’s wives still haven’t gotten over their jealousy. Apparently, there are several reasons why the women have dealt with jealousy. Some, however, think it is a good sign for the family as they continue to show love and care.

Sister Wives fans are tired of endless jealousy in a plural family. But this is to be expected, especially in a polygamous family. Apparently, polygamy is not a lifestyle choice for the Brown family.

It is also part of their religion. Despite being kicked out of their church, Kody Brown and his wives continue to worship and follow their religious traditions. One of their traditions is what they call the ‘polygamy principle’.

According to them, this makes it difficult for the wives to leave Kody, even though they rebel against him. It is also one of the main reasons why fans believe that the family has not broken up despite jealousy.

Sister Wives Janelle Admits Getting Jealous

Sister Wives fans understand that polygamous life is very difficult. It’s also natural to feel jealous, especially if your loved ones also love someone. This is one of the main reasons why Janelle Brown admitted that she is still jealous. In an interview, Janelle Brown said that over time she has been able to control her jealousy. However, she did not deny that living in a polygamous family is difficult.

Meri and Christine are in the same situation. For Meri, however, things are much worse, as Kody has had a hard time trusting her since her cat-napping scandal in 2015. Meanwhile, fans have watched Christine become jealous of other women throughout the season. At one point, Christine revealed that it bothers her that Kody doesn’t shower with her.

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