Sister Wives: Kody Tried To Delay Ysabel’s Surgery

Sister Wives: Kody Tried To Delay Ysabel’s Surgery

Sister Wives Spoilers suggests that Kody Brown continues to believe that his views are the only legitimate ones regarding the Covid protocols. Recently, Kody called his second wife Janelle Brown lazy when it comes to the Covid Protocol. However, Kody then attends the graduation of his daughter Ysabel Brown. When will his double standards end?

Sister Wives star Kody has called his wife “laziness” when it comes to following silicon protocols. Kody was angry at Janelle for not controlling her son’s actions. Both Garrison Brown and Gabriel Brown work outside the home. Both boys also have a social life, which Kody disagrees with.

Ysabel, however, just graduated from high school and Kody Brown decided they would go there. Kody is the only person who travels from home to the house to visit his wife and children.

Kody’s argument all along has been against putting people at unnecessary risk of Covid-19. Why is it okay for Kody to attend a high school graduation, but why is it not okay for kids to gather? Why does Kody think his risk of everyone being exposed to the virus is lower than anyone else in his family?

Sister Wives: Kody Tried To Delay Ysabel’s Surgery

When Ysabel Brown had her back operated on last year, Kody tried to make her wait another six months before having the much-needed procedure. Kody argued with both Ysabel Brown and her mother, Christine Brown, about the necessity of the procedure. . For Kody, her daughter’s pain wasn’t a big factor at all, it was more about exposure.

Why was a necessary medical procedure the only thing she wasn’t involved in for her child? Didn’t Ysabel deserve her father’s support? Was the opportunity to be away from other family members during quarantine more important than his daughter’s pain?

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